Chapter 40

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Capital's Infirmary


We walked inside and i kept on glancing at the queen. Her face is back to unreadable facade she just continued walking without glancing or responding to her people. Everyone immediately bowed as she passed the long hallways. I turned to a nurse and ask her to send Nyoko at her private suite. Then the nurse immediately complied to my orders. I was confused when  she walked to other direction but i didn't question her and continued following her. Till we reached Nyoko's office and the Queen just opened it without notice. Then she walked inside without a word sat on the chair infront of the old man who seemed startled by our sudden presence then she showed her hand and said "fix this" Nyoko was initially shocked and later on able to process the situation "what the hell happened to that?" the old man said. "oh god you don't wanna know" i answered. Nyoko pressed in his intercome ordering the nurses to send his equipments in his office. He moved nearer to the queen and sat at the other chair while checking her hand. "you must be very angry for breaking a glass with your bare hands lexa" he jokingly commented and i tried to signal him not to push her buttons anymore for she might lose it. The old man glance at me and seemed confused. Lexa just remained silent and unreadable. He mouthed what and i rolled my eyes. "so.. mind filling me in on what happened?" he asked again. I loudly sighed and was about to answer for the queen but she stopped me by answering the question on her own. "i saw her..." she said half whispered. "saw who?" Nyoko asked again. "oh my God!!!" i shouted already. I cant believe this old man. "what?!?" he answered with confusion in his face.  "who else would she react this way?!" i answered with irritation. Then from confusion his face turned to recognition and shock. "wait she's here??" he said with surprise and happiness in his voice. I wanted to smack this old man cause the queen is very sensitive whenever the topic is about the sky princess. I heard the queen sighed and said "yes she's here along with other sky people and her..." she gulped and continued "her lover..." "wait.. What?!" the old man exclaimed. I feel my head is already pounding with irritation. How could a doctor be this so naive. "can you stop asking questions?!?" i shouted at him. "Stupid old man" "hey kid don't you dare call me old!" he exclaimed. "you are old face it!" i talked back. "why youuu litttleee!!" he said irritation is already written all over his face. "STOP IT!!! BOTH OF YOU!!! IT DOESN'T MATTER ANYWAY CAUSE SHE DOESN'T EVEN REMEMBER ME!!! I MADE THAT CHOICE SO I SHOULD PAY THE PRICE. THIS IS WHAT I DESERVE!!!!" the queen shouted out of frustration. Tears poured down and she breathe heavily due to the strong emotions she felt. The room went silent and we felt sorry for the queen." besides... She deserve this.. She deserve to be happy.. "she said with sadness in her voice. I heard Nyoko sighed loudly." I told you both there is more to life than this kingdom.. And the choices you made has a price.. Thats why i dont want to die yet till I can see you both smiling and living peacefully not this expressionless warpainted faces" he said "You're not gonna die old man" i said. "oh common let me rest" he whined. "not a chance" Lexa said. "seriously?!" he said while making a face. Lexa and I smirked. Then he sighed again and sadly said "what am I going to do with you two.." suddenly i heard Indra's voice from our communicator. "commander..." she said. I excused myself and answered "proceed Indra" "We have a situation.." she said then i heard Octavia shouting at the background "That's enough already!!" then a voice that made me shiver "common Octavia you used to be fun like us.." the person said. "you're drunk Ali" Octavia said. "fuck it.." i instantly remembered the events happened before whenever the sky girls are drunk. I immediately end the intercom and turned to the Queen. She look at me"its the sky people.." i reported. Without hesitation lexa stood up and moved with haste. I immediately followed her and i saw Nyoko following also. "Nyoko where do you think you're going?" i asked him while still following our queen. "i want to witness my own eyes the reunion of our queen and the sky princess.."he said with excitement in his voice. I rolled my eyes. I can't believe this old man.

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