Chapter 24

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I woke up with a massive headache. I can't barely open my eyes, when I was able to a stream of light coming from the balcony blinded me and I groan for pain. I turned to the other side of the bed and was hit by a sweet smell.. like roses. I inhaled deeply the pillow and hugged it. Then flashbacks of events hit me all at once. Shit. I immediately sat down and looked around. But there's no sign of the brunette Godess then I rolled back in bed holding my head. I am so fucking stupid! I didn't even tried to control myself, my emotions just came out flowing like a vast sea last night without even thinking! Damn it! Now I don't have any face to show!. I was hurt when she declined and even if I was drunk I felt the pain piercing through my heart. What the hell was I thinking?! She could not possibly want me. I'm just a nobody to her world. A princess with a painful past. I misinterpreted her glances...maybe she just pitied me..I groan loudly and kept rolling in the bed, embarrassed of what I've done. "PRINCESSSSSS!!!!!" I heard Octavia outside of my door yelling. God.. what now..I slowly get up and opened the door then she immediately came in bringing me with her then shut the door loudly. "Sooooo...." she started. "Sooo ? What?" I asked, confused of what she's implying. She look at me up and down and said "nothing happened?!." I covered my ears for she is too loud right now. I swear she's like Raven sometimes. "What do you mean?" I said. "Why?!?" She asked again. "Why what?! Could you stop yelling?!" I said in return. "Ooppss sorry.. I just thought that maybe you guys let it all out last night.. you know between you and the hot queen." She said. And I was too stunned to move. Am I that obvious?!. I walk towards the couch and slumped my body on it. I covered my eyes with my forearm and laid down silently. "Well I did do things I shouldn't supposed to but.... I don't think we have same feelings from each other..." I finally said. "What do you mean not the same?! God ! You guys are so obvious that even a 4 year old will know!" Octavia said. "Well then you guys are wrong cause she declined me last night. Okay?!" I said while getting up and moved to the bed. "SHE DECLINED YOU?!?!" She yelled. "WILL YOU STOP SHOUTING OCTAVIA! AND YES SHE DECLINED ME! SHE REJECTED ME! OKAY?!?" I said with teary eyes I was just so frustrated of the situation. "Oh my God .. I'm sorry Clark.." she said with sympathy. "Yeah .. well.. me too.." I said then covered my face with pillow. "Then let's make her regret it.." she suggested. And I look at her. "What?" I said. "Let's make her regret declining you. Let's show her what she's missing." She said with determined voice. "I don't know.. maybe I'm just not her type..maybe she's still in love with that Costia girl.." I said. "Oh c'mon princess. You're bravier than this! Besides, atleast we tried.." she said while smiling mischievously. I thought about it for a minute and then answered "okay" I said then smiled.  "Alright!!!!! That's the spirit!!!" She said while punching the air. I just giggled. "Now you have to shower first cause you can't seduce the queen looking like that." She continued while eyeing me from head to toe. I threw pillow on her face then walked towards the bathroom. "I'll go get Allison and Raven okay?" She said from the other side of the door. "Okayyy" I answered and heard the door closed. I submerged myself in the tub drowning my feelings for the green eyed queen.

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