Chapter 44

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I heard beeping sound and voices around me but i wasn't able to open my eyes or move my body. It is like my mind is awake but my body remained asleep. I felt really weak and tired."what happened to her?! I want answers Nyoko!!" Is that the Queen's voice? . "Calm down Lexa.. I'm doing the best I can.." Nyoko answered. Nyoko? I want to open my eyes and see him. I miss that old man dearly he became a father material to me. me.. "where are the other sky ladies?" the commanding voice of the queen said. "they're fine.. They're still asleep in their chambers."another voice answered." i want Octavia here now!!!"." please calm down Lexa.. "" how can I calm down! Look at her Nyoko!? She's pale and cold like dead. " i could hear the queen hysterically answered. I don't know why but my heart flutters hearing the Queen's voice full of concern towards me. I never thought she cared for me or for us sky people. I heard Nyoko sighed loudly" look i know you're worried, we all are but you need to think clearly.. your exposing your true feelings in this process then all your efforts.. All this facade and sufferings will be put down to waste.."then i heard footsteps walking away and the opening and closing of doors. Silence reigned the room. Then suddenly i felt warm soft hands enveloping my cold frozen hand, caressing it implanting soft warm kisses on it. I could almost hear the loud beating of my heart."im sorry.." its the Queen's voice. She's really hurting for me? Then i felt wet drops on my hand. Is she crying? Why? Why Lexa? I don't understand. Even i don't understand my own feelings and memories. "she's indeed my weakness Em.. I'm so afraid.. Afraid to lose her completely.." then i heard soft sob. Uncontrolled tears began to fall on my eyes. Why do I feel like this..why do i care for the grounder Queen.. Why do i feel hurt.. Why do my heart beats fast for her.. Why does it feel like her touch and kisses felt like home..why..then that stinging pain was back almost making my head crack. I heard the monitors fast beeping. I heard the opening and closing of doors. I heard Lexa shouting commands. I tried to fight my consciousness but the darkness kept pulling me back to slumber. And the darkness indeed won.


I saw how the cold stoned hearted Queen broke down into tears just like last time when she chose to burry her feelings for the princess and chose her people and the kingdom. This is the second time i saw her vulnerable and with the same reason.. the sky princess whom she loved dearly. I felt really sad for her, how she longed to have someone who is so near and yet so far. If only.. Then flashes of golden haired girl with stunning blue eyes invaded my thoughts. I sighed. We are indeed hopeless. The monitors suddenly beeped red. I saw the panic on Lexa's eyes. Nurses and doctors came rushing in along with Nyoko. "NYOKO WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?" the Queen demanded answers. "Emily please take her majesty away for a while. .." Nyoko said instead while pressing buttons on the device."NO I WILL NOT LEAVE HER!" Lexa protested. "Lex listen we need to let him be for a while in order for him to do his job.. Don't you trust Nyoko? I'm sure he will do everything to keep the princess safe.." i said calming her down. She let me pulled herself outside the room. When the double doors closed. She stand infront of it like a statue longing for the princess. She leaned her forehead on the hard wooden doors while silently crying. I heard her whispered "please be alright.." i looked away from that scene cause it's really heartbreaking. I remembered the sky princess bright beautiful smile. Please be alright your highness..

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