Chapter 50

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"Are you all gone mad?!? Why would you allow sky people to live with us freely?! They're dangerous!! For all we know they are planning to take over our land!!" Costia's angry voice echoed in the four corners of the room. I gripped my armrest tighter making my fingertips white. How i wish to cut her tongue and feed it to the wolves. I glanced at the Queen and noticed anger passing to that green pools of hers. With jaw clenched she twirled her dagger on her right armrest. I heard Luna cleared her throat then said " Forgive me your highness but I completely disagree. For 1 year, i was able to get to know the sky princess she served as healer in my land and there was no complaints raised about her so far in fact they praised her for her kindness and compassion." "But have you forgotten the time she ambushed the throne room just because she doesn't like the idea of being separated with her people. She defied the Queen and threatened her. That's why we erased their memory in the first place!" the ice queen said supporting Costia. "In my case Raven really helped developing new things that would make our lives easier. She's dedicated with her work and she gets along with my clan easily. So i don't really think its an issue or a problem now. Our people are used to them already and treat them like one of us. Besides the blood shed is over, we are now living with peace and prosperity. " another Council said agreeing to Luna's statement." Exactly.. This is already a new world we're living its time to put our differences behind. The sky princess risk enough lives in order to save us from the same fate they had. Maybe its time to give back the favor by accepting her people. They have proven themselves enough already."another council agreed." Your are all fools!!!! "Costia angrily shouted." That's enough Costia!!" the Queen cut her off making us all bow in submission."Since the rest of the council approved then the sky people can live peacefully with us without judgements or questions whoever defy this decree will suffer a painful punishment be mindful for that." the Queen said while glancing the ice queen and her wife." This meeting is dismissed." then she stood up making us all stand and bow as she moved out of the room. I smirked at the shock and irritated state of Costia." You're loving this aren't you commander?" i heard the sarcasm in the ice Queen's voice while smirking at me. I gave her my stone cold face while looking directly at her eyes. "what do you mean Niyah?" i asked her plainly. "oh.. I don't know...maybe knowing we can now openly be associated with those weirdos plus living equally with them, its the best opportunity for you to be with the one you really like and I know who exactly that is.." she said giggling evily. I clenched my jaw trying to maintain my stoic face."Maybe its that golden haired girl with icy blue eyes? But.. I must be wrong.. And assuming things.." she continued as she sized me up with her gaze. "you should watch your tongue Niyah you never know when you will lose it" i said with venom in my voice then I walked passed by her, almost tearing my skin as I made a fist trying to suppress the anger that is waiting to burst out. How i longed to tear her into pieces, i hope that day would come soon.

"FUCKING BITCHES!!!" I Shouted at the top of my lungs then slammed the door. "wow.. Thats hot.." i turned to that familiar voice and saw Ontari leaning on the frame of my balcony door. "what are you doing here?" I said with irritation in my voice. "Checking up on my Queen.." she said seductively. I rolled my eyes and walked towards my dresser. "I'm not in the mood to play around Ontari so I suggest you get the hell out of my room." i said without looking at her. "Ouch! You're hurting my feelings babe.." she said dramatically. "whatever.."i responded without a care." Anyway that's not the only reason I'm here.. "i look at her reflection in the mirror with scrunched brows." continue.. "i said getting tired of her presence. She smirked and said" The ice Queen wants to know if you are willing to participate with her plans.. " " and what exactly is that plan?" i said facing her. She walked slowly towards me then she placed both of her hands at my sides trapping my body in place while looking at my eyes in an uncomfortable nearness" killing the sky people one by one..most especially the sky princess. "she said wickedly. My mouth slowly moved upwards and turned into a sweet smile. I put my arms around her neck while caressing her soft brown hair." I love that idea... "i said half whispered." except.. I already told you that plan and you didn't even have progress!!!"i pulled her hair and pushed her away."Come back here when you actually done something!!!" i spat at her angrily. She dust her clothes off then smirked "i love it when you get rough" she commented. "Don't worry they will be history in no time now that the ice Queen have our backs.." "Your back you mean. When this plan goes down the drain I will not be apart of it do you understand?! I can't afford to lose Lexa.." i said. She rolled her eyes and walked back to the balcony. "Lexa.. Always Lexa.. When will you start caring for me?" she said out of frustrations. She harshly combed her hair back using her fingers. "when will you ever stop loving her?! Can't you see? She doesn't love you anymore!! You are done for since the day that blondie sky princess stepped into the ground!!! You are now nothing to her!!-" "SHUT UP!!!!!" I shouted. I was shaking in anger I want to kill her right there and then but i knew i needed her to do things bad for me.. Maybe when she's done with her job i could snap her neck myself. "fuck i love you Costia! Why can't you just look at me for once?!" she pleaded. "I know how much you enjoyed our love making everytime.. So why can't i have you emotionally also?" "Simple.. Because you are not her.. I just used your body to satisfy my needs and nothing more. Once that girl is dead i could have all of her. She will come back to me and we will live like what we used to plan before. What it should have been!" i answered. I could see pain passing to that brown eyes. She took deep breaths before she avoided my gaze." you really want her dead? " she asked me after a long pause." Yes" i answered her immediately. "then you'll have her head.. " she said then jumped out of the balcony. I sighed heavily. I hate this day.

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