Chapter 9

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My heart is pounding fast, I could feel my anger rushing through my veins.. I don't know why I'm so affected when lady Allison mentioned the sky princess. I don't even know her and I only encountered her once. The room kept silent, only the sobs of the 3 sky person was heard. I look at my people and I could see sympathy on their eyes mixed with horror. Reapers... those insects will pay, I would not let my people have the same fate as the sky people had even if it means risking my own life. A flash of deep ocean blue eyed girl pulled me out of my thoughts. The brave sky princess, indeed... she deserved her title.

"Your highness, we need to close the bearier in order to keep our people safe. Those reapers are still out there and maybe coming for us. " said Luna, leader of the water nation. Councils agreed and I look at Emily and she nod in agreement with other council.

"NO YOU CAN'T!.. I mean you can't close the bearier without our princess blood, that's how the contract goes.." the brunette girl Octavia said.

"She's right your highness and even if we use my powers to create a shield it is still not strong enough.. I am not strong enough to hold it for a long period of time." Allison said.

I look out the window and tried to think. We could not create a bearier without the sky princess blood. And the sky princess is already dead and lost. My head is already hurting and I could not help getting worried for my people's safety.

"We could try find her body and use it.. the contract could still work right? I mean it states that the king or queen from each clan can produce a bearier by sacrificing a part of them..a body still a part of the sky princess.." luna said while looking at me waiting for my response.

"How dare you!!! Our Queen is not a filthy meat that you could use anytime you like!!! She deserves a proper burial not as a sacrificial lamb!!" The sky shifter Raven said with range. I could feel her pain while speaking. I know the sky princess deserved an honorable burial, damn! She deserved more but if Luna said was true then I would not hesitate to do it just for my people even if a part of me is hurting for some reason which I quickly pushed back. Those unwanted feelings is weakness and I can't afford to be weak.

I scanned the room and finally said "If it means keeping my people safe then I would lead the trackers myself." The councils nod in agreement and satisfaction while the 3 sky person can't help show their emotions. Their faces reflects disappointment and despair and I just look at them with my stoic face.

"Then take us with you your highness, we want to serve our queen for the last time.. it is atleast we could do for her..." said Allison.

"Very well then we will leave at dawn." I said. I turned to Emily and continued "Commander assemble the trackers and the best warrior's then meet me at the war room." Emily nod and proceeded my order then I look at the rest of the council and said "The rest of you keep our people safe while I'm gone. You are all dismissed." Then I stood up which my councils immediately followed and bowed as I make my way to the door.

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