Chapter 25

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I was roaming around the warriors camp checking if everything is in order. I saw young warriors sparring in the field, some were testing the different weapons that our scientist invented and some were checking and looking the videos around the vicinity. The kingdom was still heavily guarded despite of the barrier put up by the queen and the sky princess to ensure safety. Then a flash of an image of the beautiful golden haired girl interrupted my thoughts. Last night made my blood boil just looking at the hungry men gaping at them. I was ready to slaughter them all and took their eyes out of its sockets. I know the queen would wanted that too based on the deadly glare she sends upon her people. When I took Allison to bed and was given a chance to see her sleeping form my heart melted like a piece of ice exposed to the sun rays. I can't help but soften everytime she's around. I just couldn't resist that icy blue eyes. I wanted to protect her forever even if it means taking my own life, I wouldn't hesitate even in a million times. I know that I couldn't have her but I'm still satisfied of just looking at her and be near her for once in a while. I deeply sighed and called my dragon Shiva. She immediately arrived and I hoped on her back. I commanded her to go back to the palace which she complied.


"Your highness may I suggest since the people was in loved by the sky people's performance... why don't we give them a job involving music they seemed good at it." Said Luna. We are again gathered in the throne room discussing people's concerns, the exapansion of the kingdom's  economy and the distribution of resources between 12 clans. I was turning my dagger while listening to the councils. My attention is not fully in the meeting most of it goes to the sky princess who did not let me sleep last night. I was just wide awake for the whole night looking down at her, mostly staring at her perfect face. I know she's forbidden but God how I loved to call her as mine... After the blood contract I can feel the pull of attraction increasing that it is almost hard to control. I was glad but at the same time regretted it last night. But she's drunk and I knew she wouldn't remember anything. This morning when I left her my heart aches how she looked for my warmth. I just couldn't stay cause I'm afraid..afraid of my walls breaking completely. She wouldn't even want me if she's in her right mind. Who would want a souless and heartless creature like me? I don't deserve her... She's just so full of life and so perfect. "Your highness, what do you think?" Luna said again pulling me out of my thoughts. "I think we should let them decide what they would want to do in their lives" I finally said. And cleared my throat. The councils looked at me with questioning gazes. I stood up which they immediately followed and said "Let's continue this tomorrow and I walked away.


I walked towards the princess chambers since Octavia called us for their seems to be an urgent situation we need to talk about. I didn't even bothered to knock for I know I was already expected. As I surveyed the room I heard noises insid the walk-in dresser and moved towards it. I saw dresses all over the place and Octavia hovering on the princess. I leaned on the frame of the door and said "What the hell's going on here??" While smirking. "Thank God you're here!!!!" Octavia said while putting down the brush. I saw Raven pushing and pulling outfits "Aaalllliiiii we need youuuuuu..." Raven said. I looked at Clark and can't helped but laughed and her beautiful face reflected annoyance. "Alright! Can somebody explained to me the situation??" I said while laughing. "We have a new mission!" Raven said while jumping in excitement. "And what is that? Is that mission making the princess ugly cause its working" I said. Then Clark groan and crossed her arms on her chest. "No! It's the opposite! We intend to make her irresistible for the queen but... I forgot the part that I don't have that talent.." Octavia said while scratching her head. "Well finally! Stepping up!" I said. "Move aside!" I commanded and both of them immediately moved away and sat on the couch with a sigh. "What do you mean finally?" Clark asked with scrunched eyebrows. "Well darling you are pretty obvious, that set of blues of yours could tell anything so just shut up and let me do my work!" I said while smirking. I erased the damaged Raven done and started re-applying light make up on the princess. To emphasize her deep ocean blue eyes I put on black liner above her lids and mascara on her lashes, then for her lips I just put on some natural color lipstick and some light blush, now she looks unearthly beautiful. I mean c'mon she's beautiful naturally and she doesn't need this junk but if she's this desperate to win that cold hearted queen then the hell with it. I just let down her silver like blonde wavy long hair to show its perfection. I pick out a tight black pants showing her butt and a black crop top off shoulder long sleeved blouse  showing her toned stomach and her perfect shoulders. For accessories and shoes, I just put a simple gold necklace with a moon pendant and high heeled boots for her foot wear. Then my master piece is ready to rock the queen's world. Clark turned around checking herself in the full length mirror. I turned to Octavia and Raven who is now tottally stunned. "Wow... I love it Ali.." Clark said. "Well you know how I loved dressing up though its new to me especially the type of clothes ...back in our kingdom we are used to dress in gowns all the time but her they have this thing called pants which I didn't mind cause look at you darling!" I said, can't help feeling proud of myself. "And now let's fix ourselves also, I want to look around at their city.. so who's with me ?" I asked looking at each one of them. "LET'S GOOO!!!" Octavia said then Raven second the motion and said "yeaaayyyyy bonding timeeee!!!" We all laughed then started to get ready. I wore some dark blue spaghetti strapped blouse showing my cleavage and exposing my perfect back, it was only covered with web like patterns and a black pants also with high heeled dark blue sandals. I just let my golden curly hair free and wore some thin necklace. I also put on some light make up and darken my upper lid to make my icy blue eyes pop out and some lip gloss on the lips. Raven wore brown tube and below the knee fitting skirt making her curves visible with gladiator heels. Her hair was braided exposing her shoulders. Octavia wore dark red one shouldered spaghetti strap crop top and a shiny black pants and knee high heel boots. Her hair was tied in a messy bun and she put on some thin dangling earings as her accessories. As we look at each other we are all satisfied and head out. Since our purpose is to check out the grounders territory we decided to just walk towards the city. We talked while walking and at time laughing. Some grounds we encountered will look at us with shock eyes which we just ignored. We passed to a bridge then some trees and buildings until finally we arrived at the city which is now modernized compared to ours. Their buildings are also bigger than ours. There are horses on the street and an equipment they called cars. We were all so amazed and we just wander around the city. People stopped and stared but we didn't mind and just smiled at them. Some vendors were kind enough to offer us some free taste on their food. When satisfied we all sat on the grass where grounders also hang around. Children running around in the field, family having a picnic, some are singing, playing guitars and some couple dating enjoying the sun and the scenery. Ofcourse we all caught their attention but I'm glad they tried to continue and just act normally around us. We saw kids playing catch and can't help to remember that we used to do that also when we were still kids then an idea popped out in my head.

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