Chapter 6

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1 year later

The Capital (Grounder's Kingdom)
The Queen and the council are in the throne room discussing about how to divide their resources to distribute to other clans and some other issues of the kingdom when they heard loud explosions. The Queen immediately went to their balcony to see what the commotion is about. When they set foot outside they saw blazing fire on the sky and explosions, dark ashes rained and every grounder was shocked to see the sky kingdom in its chaotic state almost destroyed.

"The barrier is gone!" I immediately called my dragon heda, I jumped on her back and rode her to the tower as fast as I could. I could feel Em's presence catching up my speed. We both headed to the tower. As we landed I immediately took off and reached at the highest peak of the tower. Our warriors was on defense stance on the portal which was now bare and we could see the entrance to the sky kingdom set on blazed. "WHAT HAPPENED?!" Shouting at my men. One of the warriors answered "My Queen after the explosions the barrier was gone and the sky kingdom's territory was now visible- " Emily cut him off "Tell us something that is not obvious warrior!!." Her voice boomed with authority and power."Forgive me commander, my Queen but we didn't know the cause of the explosion, no signals coming from the sky people was received. It was all so sudden" as the warrior explained with head down, looking ashamed to unable to give enough information to their commander and ruler.
Suddenly a rustling noise was heard outside the portal where the entrance to the sky kingdom is located, a big hawk appeared that made our warriors in protective stance watching the hawk's movement, Emily stepped immediately at my front while her hand is already at her side ready to draw her gun. The hawk made a screeching loud sound and started to stomp its claws, then its eyes caught mine which I can't help recognize, it's one of the ladies who escorted the sky queen and the princess, she's one of the sky princess team. "HOLD YOUR FIRE!!! YOUR SCARING HER!!" I shouted at my men. Then Emily turned to me with puzzled look while raising her brows. "It's one of the nobles of the sky people." "WHAT?!" She answered while catching up with my strides. I walked towards the hawk girl and raised both my hands to assure her that she will not be harmed. She look below me with hesitation in her eyes. "I recognize you... what happened to you and your people?" I asked while maintaining my gaze to her. Then the hawk shifted into a slender beautiful woman with golden eyes. She seemed find hard to maintain her balance while walking, her face looks tired, her gown was torn and dirty, she has bruises and cuts all over her body before she stumbled down the ground Emily caught her, she let her lie her head down on her lap. She look up with tired eyes and said "Princess we were under attack... I don't know if anyone else queen is dead.. I don't know where the p-princess is... she.. she sacrificed herself jus-just to save us.. I was separated with..Allyson she..she is trying to hold the last remaining barrier before.. they all pass through.." "who attacked you?" I asked as I kneeled down beside Emily. The warriors are aroun us to serve as protective barrier if an enemy attacked suddenly. She look at me and Emily with fear written all over her face and tired eyes "It's the.. Reappers" then she fell unconscious. Emily and I look at each other both confused and shocked at the same time. I stood up immediately and command my warriors to bring the sky lady to the infirmary. "SEAL THE PORTAL!!! NO ONE CAN PASS THROUGH!! IF YOU SPOT A SKY PERSON REPORT IT TO ME IMMEDIATELY !!! ARE WE CLEAR?!" I shouted at my warriors which was responded immediately "YES YOUR MAJESTY!!" they said in unison. Emily and I walked to our dragons and flew away to the capital. As we arrived, we were greeted with questions from the council, I silenced them by raising my right hand. I turned to Emily and said "Commander sound the alarm, we are on lock down, we cannot risk anymore lives" Emily moved upon my command. I turned to the council "It seems Sky territory was now invaded with what they called "Reapers", the barriers were down because the sky Queen is dead. We found a survivor and she was taken to the infirmary. I want every clan guarded! Report immediately if you see something suspicious, do I make myself clear?!." "YES YOUR MAJESTY!" The council answered. "Now, you are all dismissed. Protect your clans with your own lives. When the sky person regains her consciousness I'll have you all send back here to discuss and plan our next move for now keep our people safe." They bowed and exited the room with determined faces. My people are always ready for battle, we are born for it but right now we don't even know what we are up against. This creature that the sky people called Reapers that almost wiped out an entire race. Then an image of an ocean blue eyed woman suddenly flashed between my thoughts. The breath taking sky princess.. somehow a feeling that I couldn't point out erupted my heart just thinking that she's already dead. I recalled our first and last encounter when we rejected their offer and ambushed them. Then the last chance I have to gaze in her beautiful face before she disappeared was full of anger and hurt that keeps me tossing and turning all night since that moment. I don't know why, but she affected me that much already even if that was the first and last time I saw the sky princess. I gripped the armrests of my throne and closed my eyes trying to calm myself.
A soft voice interrupted my thoughts, I opened my eyes and saw a beautiful brunette with brown eyes staring at me with worry. "Costia..why are you still awake?" I asked. "I was worried lexa, you're not with me.." she said softly. I got up in my throne and walk towards her. Costia reminds me of what its like to have a family since my father's death she was the only one who could understand me besides Emily. She was patient and willing to love a cold hearted monster like me. I stared at her beautiful face and touched her cheeks softly. She immediately leans on to my touch and closed her eyes. "I'm sorry to got you worried, love." I said then she opened her beautiful brown eyes and leaned closer to me until our lips brushed together in a gentle kiss. "It's time to rest my love, your duties can wait tomorrow and right now I need you to warm me up in my bed.." she said with her seductive smile. I let her lead me to her chambers and let myself drown in the presence of the brown eyed goddess.

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