Chapter 19

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We heard some giggling and voices coming our way. I glance to its direction and saw 5 grounder ladies wearing expensive gowns. I assumed they belong to a family with higher ranks in this kingdom. I continued picking flowers not minding how noisy they are then a voice caught my attention. "Oh ladies what do we have here.." a wavy brunette said with mocking tone wearing a black gown with one slit on its right thighs. The group look at us with disgusted faces. I glance at the sky princess who stopped moving the swing. Octavia and Raven sat up from lying on the grass. "Oooohhhh sky ladies.. you sluts don't belong here." A black haired girl said wearing a corset who almost crushed herself looking how tight she's wearing it. Then laughed at us. I stood up and cleaned my gown from lost leaves. "Oh that's right your place is now completely destroyed thanks to your princess who by the way should be long dead!" Said the other grounder. I curled my fingers into a fist trying to calm myself from the disrespectful words they said about our princess. "Careful Tasha you don't want to get on their wrong side. They might blast you with their powers." Another girl said with mocking tone. And they all laugh again. Both Octavia and Raven are now standing up and can feel they are also pissed right now. "Ooohhh .. I just pissed them off..hahahah .. I'm sooo scareddd." They all laughed again. "YOU-" I heard Raven but was cut off by Clark "That's enough." She said. Then the brunette said with a mocking smile "Ooh.. acting like a true queen now are we?." She walk closely to Clark's direction but immediately block by Raven and Octavia. I walk in front of her and said "You know darling mockery is not very lady like.." and smirked at her irritated face. "Just letting you know.." I turned my back on them and walk towards Octavia and Raven. "YOU BITCH! HOW DARE YOU TALK TO COSTIA LIKE THAT DON'T YOU KNOW SHE'S THE QUEEN'S LOVER AND SOON TO BE WIFE?!?" That Tasha girl said with nostrils flaring due to anger. She march towards me and raised her hand. But before she could slap it on my cheeks it was stopped midway by the commander, who I didn't even know how she got here. I was shock cause she defended me than her people. I look at her and saw evident anger plastered on her beautiful face. "COMMANDER! WHY ARE YOU DEFENDING THAT SKY GIRL THAN US?!?" The Costia girl said. The commander held Tasha's arm firmly making Tasha flinch then she pushed her back. The other girls caught her on time before she fell on the ground. It seems that Costia was the only one not afraid of the angry commander. The 4 girls are now basically shaking in fear. The angry commander stood tall, she seemed very pissed. She turned to me ignoring the brunette. "Are you alright?" She asked with full of concern in her voice. "Yes.. yes.. I'm fine. Thank you.." I answered while looking at her dark brown eyes. She searched my face with gentleness reflecting in her eyes. "HOW DARE YOU!!-" boomed the voice of the angry brunette but was cut off by firm angry powerful voice "COSTIA!!". We all turned to the direction of the voice and there stood the powerful and angry Queen with guards behind her. Then I noticed that every person in the castle was now looking at us. Gone with the fiesty Costia cause her eyes immediately reflected fear. I want to laugh at her face right now. Her blood is basically draining out of her face and beads of sweat fell from her forehead. I heard Raven choke in giggle. "If you cannot treat them nicely you are free to leave the castle. They are one of our own now. Show some respect." The queen said with gritted teeth. "I'm sorry my Queen." Costia said not meeting the queen's eyes and bowed down. "EVERYONE GET BACK TO YOUR DUTIES!" The queen commanded which made everyone scrambled back to work. We were left alone and still the queen did not flinch in her place. "I'm very disappointed on you Costia." The queen spoke. Costia look down and remained bowing. "And you ladies. I expect a lot from you especially you all belonged to a higher rank families. I want you to apologize. NOW!" They flinch at the queen's command. Costia stood up and turned to us. She walk towards me but the commander blocked her way. She glanced at the commander with sharp eyes. "How can I apologize to them sincerely if you're on my way?" She said while frowning. The commander glance at the queen and waited for her signal when the queen nod. She moved out of the way leaving me and Costia face to face but she pass through me and walk towards the princess. I frowned and watched her every move like a hawk. They are now facing each other. Costia look up and down at Clark. That bitch. Then she gave her a creepy smile that send shiver to my spine. Wow. She looks better when frowning, how could the queen love this kind of person. "I apologize for me and my friends. Can we start all over again?" She said. Clark hesitated for a moment before answering "yes ofcourse.." "GREAT!! I'm Costia Aregadon daughter of the Triku council." Then extended her hand. Clark take her arm and said "I'm Clark Eliose Griffin, daughter of the late queen of sky kingdom." "Oh you forgot to mention that your kingdom crumbled into ruins." Costia said with a sinister smile. It made us all gasp. "COSTIA!!" The queen said with warning tone. "What?!? I just said the truth your highness." She answered. Clark pulled her hand but it seems Costia didn't let her and she just smiled. "Let go of me." Clark said with firm voice. "Make me. Burn me. And let them see how dangerous you are..." Costia said while pulling Clark's arm and challenging her to loose control. Before we could move to defend our princess the queen moved amazingly fast and silently then harshly pulled Costia's arm. "I'm done with you!" The queen spoke with venom in her voice while looking directly at Costia's eyes. Costia was shock that she can't barely move. The queen drag her towards her friends and let her go. "Leave." She said. "Wha-what??" Costia said still shock and confused. "I said leave. Go back to your clans and do not show your face here ever again. You are not suited to be a leader. I will guarantee that your father will hear from this." The queen said. "Take them away." She ordered her guards without giving Costia time to respond. They we're all drag out away from us.

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