Chapter 1

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Skylar City (Sky Kingdom)

The queen and the other nobles were discussing issues and concerns of the kingdom. One serious matter is the missing people issue who were increasing fast that even their best trackers could not find them. The queen sat on her thrown listening to other nobles argue and discussing this particular matter, speculating and sharing their own perceptions. The queen closed her eyes and rubbed her forehead. She's still confused to why bodies are not found if they were murdered and if they runaway they could easily track them, they could not have possibly disappeared just like that. She considered grounders must be the reason of her people disappearing, maybe they broke the contract and infiltrated the barrier but she could have felt it after all she made that barrier using her blood and the grounders king's blood. She sighed heavily and look at the window where she could see pale skies and birds peacefully flying. She look at the nobles and said "Silence. We could not solve this problem if we leaders kept on arguing and acting like a pack of dogs!!!" She stood up and walk around the thrown room. The nobles watched their queen's every move who seemed deep in her own thoughts then suddenly she stopped and look at them, they were nervous for they never seen their queen so restless before and they don't want to get to her wrong side. Until she spoke "As much as I don't like my own idea but I think this is the only way to save our people... we need to ask the grounders help..." Everyone was shocked, some nobles immediately opposed to the queen's idea and some can't even comprehend what the queen suggested. One noble said "I beg to disagree my queen we cannot trust the grounders!" And then another commented "they killed our people!" Then another "they are maybe behind these all to erase our race!" Then series of nobles agreed to one another. The queen was irritated by it all, their pride are high as the mountains with brains that is like a size of a pea. "SILENCE!!!" The queen shouted at the nobles, her face is already red and she could feel her power radiating to her veins. She closed her hands and tried to control the lightning bolts that are waiting to be released, the sky already dimmed and thunder noises erupted that disturbed the once peaceful sky. The nobles bowed their heads to their queen to show respect and submission. They are already sweating, hearts are raising and pumping hard that they could almost hear it.They knew that one more wrong move they will be good for nothing. The sky started to brighten slowly and thunder noises begins to fade as the queen breathe deeply to control her emotions. "As I was saying!" The queen started "We need the grounders help if we want to save our people. Our race is almost at its peak of extinction, we cannot risk anymore lives disappearing without a trace. You say that they are murderers and they killed our people but we are no different from them, we too killed their people and I am not proud of what my husband did just for power! He risked his life, his family and his people just for greed. If it wasn't for him we could still have our loved ones with us and got the chance to lived peacefully. Now its time to put back the past and hope for a better future. My decisions are final I will personally talked to the grounder king..." everyone in the room gasp and wanted to object to their queen but when the queen made her final decision there will be no turning back.

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