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kaylaniraee: got a thing for you

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kaylaniraee: got a thing for you


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user: so now she fucks w brandon OHMGEE
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"so shall we try this again" i laughed trying to lighten this whole situation

"if your boyfriend can control himself" zion smirks causing nick to get angry

we were currently trying to talk about this whole situation as adults and right now they were acting like children.

"please stop z" i ask and he just rolls his eyes

"sit both of you" i demand and they both do so

"first of i wanna apologize to both of you for me getting in between your friendship that was never my intention. even though both of you hurt me in a way i love both of you" i explain

i looked over to see nick biting his lip and anger, then i look over at zion to see that same smirk on his face as always.

i could tell nick was angry because i said i loved the both of them, but it was the truth.

"um ima apologize to you too kay, you know i won't ever stop saying sorry for doing what i did to you with the whole alexys thing. i love you so much and i wont ever put you in that position ever again" nick says grabbing my hand and looking me in my eyes

"thank you"

i turn over to zion to see if he was going to say anything. he just cleared his throat and looked up

"oh aight it's my turn. k you know i fuck with you and i love you too i apologize for the drunk thing. me coming to your crib with the bullshit was wrong and i hope you can forgive me" he says standing up

"i do, thank you" i say nodding

we sat in silence for about a good two minutes with zion and nick just staring eachother down

"oh please just say sorry to eachother make up and hug" i say and zion laughed

"yeah nah im good. i said what i had to say and that was it." he says

"same i don have anything to say to him" nick says

"stop acting like children"  i stand up getting frustrated

"he's mad disrespectful and i wasn't rocking with it so fuck him" nick flat out says

"nick don't-" i start but was soon interrupted by zion

"what your mouth my guy" he laughs

"or what" nick steps up

him being so much smaller than zion i knew i had to stop it but i didn't know how.

"you tryna find out" zion says all in nicks face

"it's whatever"

next thing i knew zion had punched nick in the face and after that there were just a bunch of slaps and punches being thrown.

"STOP" i screamed and to no surprise they were still  throwing hits

zion was currently on top of nick just throwing punch after punch

"zion stop you're going to hurt him what the fuck!!!"  i screamed and he finally looked at me with tears coming down my face and he got off of him.

i quickly ran to nick aid. this was not what i was shopping for when i planned this.

"are you okay" i asked nick grabbing his face and he just groaned

i look up at zion and shake my head

"i-" he starts but i stop him

"no..please just go" i say putting all my attention on nick.

and with that zion was out the door.

holaaaaaa chicas.. how are you guys? i feel like i haven't updated in forever. i promise im trying for updates every sunday. i will really try but thank u for all the reads and votes i love u guys💓!

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