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as zion walked closer my heart began to beat faster and faster. nicks face still had that ugly smirk on it.

"hey babygi—" zion started but stopped once he saw nick standing there.

"what are you doing here bro?" zion asked dapping nick up. he was so clueless.

nick looked at me and chuckled "what am i doing here kaylani" he asked me

"um..um..uh he was j-just asking me a question..see nick has this girl that he likes who happens to be my friend and he wanted to know what to get her for her birthday" i lied.

zion made a confused face "so you came all the way here for that?" he asks nick who looked annoyed now because i had gotten myself out of the situation he put me in.

"yeah i guess so man" he replies

"your dumbass knows there's these things called cell phones right" zion laughed

"yeah i ain't have her number though man" nick says

"you could have asked me bro. but I'll see you later" zion says as he turns to me and kisses my cheek

"what's up ma" zion says.

"hey z" i said and smiled

i looked over at nick who i had once again disappointed. i don't know why but i always felt bad for nick.

it was around 2am and zion and i were in my room cuddled watching a movie. i was slowly falling asleep when i heard him say something.

"kay you woke?" i heard him ask

"mhm" i responded barely awake, which made him laugh.

"wake up mamas, i wanna talk" he said

"you wanna talk at 2 in the morning..really caleb?" i asked slowly getting up

he laughed because i know he thought i was being dramatic.

"yeah it'll be really quick i promise..then you can get all the beauty sleep you want" he chuckled

"alright what?" i asked now facing him.

"i'm going to keep it a hundred with you and i don't want this to scare you or run you away..but i really really like you...like a lot" he said which made me laugh.

"i like you too z" i said

"no...you don't understand, i really like you" he said emphasizing his words.

it took me a minute to realize what he was trying to say. after 5 mins of just sitting there taking his words in i finally realized what he was saying.

i looked up at him with a shocked face, he laughed.

"i love how it took you that long to catch on" he says with a smile on his face

"i love you kaylani..you don't have to say it bac-" i cut zion off by kissing him.

"i love you too, caleb" i replied and he smiled

truth is i did feel some type of love for zion but it was no where near the love i felt for nick. it sucks that he was what i was thinking about at this time but he was always on my mind.

i knew i had to cut all ties with nick though, if i wanted a real relationship with zion. it was going to be hard but i had to do it.


kaylani: whatever this little game you think you're playing w me has to stop.

nick: excuse me? what game kaylani?

kaylani: nicholas pls don't act dumb..you don't do the shit you do on accident.

nick: im not playing games..you know i love you.

kaylani: well i don't love you anymore so pls stop..you're starting to fuck w me having any chance w z and i don't appreciate it. so lose my number and stay away as much as possible.


i lied. i loved nicholas more than anyone in this world. he could never ever know that.

how was zion and i supposed to have a relationship if all i was doing was lying to him? he didn't deserve it at all.

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