t h i r t e e n.

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"please just talk to him for me eddie" i begged

"kay i love you and everything but i can't make him talk to you." he replies

"i know that but just kind of persuade him into" i said and he just looked at me with the 'really' face.

"please..i love youuuuuuu" i pleaded with puppy dog eyes.

"aight" he sighed

"yay..thank you bestie" i said and hugged edwin

"you know there's still like a 75 percent chance he still won't talk to you" edwin said which made me annoyed, but i knew it was the truth.

"well hopefully you're persuasive enough my friend" i said and tapped his shoulder.

"yeah yeah" he said and rolled his eyes and grabbed his phone to text zion.


edwin: yo z

zion: what up bro?

edwin: i need to holler at you for a minute when i get back .

zion: ok just let me know when you're back.


i sat there biting my fingernails waiting for that call from edwin. biting my nails was a habit i had, i did it when ever i was nervous .

i jumped at the sound of my phone going off. i looked at the screen and saw edwin's name flash across the screen. i quickly slide my finger across the screen to accept .

"please tell me he will talk to me" i said closing my eyes shut scared of the answer

"nah he won't, im sorry." edwin said

i sighed. i knew that was coming .

"alright thanks for trying" i said sounding depressed.

"hey don't be sad, you got me bestie" edwin says trying to lighten the mood

"i know i know" i smile.

"he'll come around eventually" edwins says giving me hope

"thank you eddie" i say and hang up the phone ..

fuckkkkkkkk. why must nicholas be an asshole.

the only thing i had left to do was ask nick to tell the truth again. he probably wouldn't but it was worth the try.


kaylani: come to my apartment i need to talk to you.


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