e i g h t.

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when i finally got the cafe i walked in to see nick sitting at a table on his phone. i walked over and cleared my throat to let my presence be known, which caused him to look up.

"oh hey" he said standing up and walking over to hug me but i shook my head no, it would only make me feel more guilty.

so he just simply pulled out my chair for me to sit, i did so and he went back to his chair to sit.

we sat there in awkward silence for about three minutes before he spoke up.

"so what's up with you" he asks

"nothing really" i replied

"you wanna tell me why you were so upset earlier" he says and i just sighed

"it was nothing i was overreacting with something that happened with z" i said

"well tell me" he said in a duh tone

"he doesn't want his parents to know about me for some reason" i simply said and looked up at nick

"oh..maybe it's for s good reason" he says trying to be positive for once in his life.

"i don't know" i said

"remember the time you met my mom" he laughed showing his perfect smile, which only made me smirk a little.

"yeah, she was honestly the nicest person I've met in my life" i said

"she loved you so mu-" nick started but was cut off my the sound of my phone ringing.

i quickly pulled my phone out to see zion's name flashing across the screen. it was awkward i didn't know whether to answer or just let it ring.

i looked up at nick who was waiting for me to do something.

"i'll be right back ..i have to take this it's zion" i said

nick smiled quickly faded and he just looked disappointed.

i felt guilty for even going on this little outing with nick and now i feel guilty for answering my phone for z. my mind was all over the place right now.

"hello" i said as i answered the phone

"kaylani, im so sorry i didn't mean for what i said to come off that way. i want you to meet my parents but in time though i would never want to his you from anyone. you're special to me." he says

"zion breathe" i laughed

"i know you didn't mean any harm. i was just upset because i felt like you were ashamed of me or something and that you needed hide me for some reason."

"those are not my intentions babygirl" he said which made my heart fluster .

"come i come over" he asked. shit. i won't there what am i supposed to say?

"umm like right now" i asked

"yeah like right now, i miss you" he laughs

"oh uh y-yeah sure" i stuttered

"see you in twenty" he says and hangs up the phone.

i turned around only to find nick right there. oh my gosh. i knew he had heard the whole conversation. he looked angry at this point.

"im leaving" he says and just walks out.

why was this my life?
this is short i know but let's talk about blind and it's visuals because bitchhhh i died a little bit inside. i am so here for this prettymuch.

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