f o u r t e e n.

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knock knock!

i removed my eyes from the tv screen where i was watching power and to the door where i heard someone knocking.

i got up to get the door and opened it to see nick standing there.

i just stepped to the side and let him come in.

"so, what do you want?" he asks nonchalantly

"what do i want" i laughed mocking him

"i want for you to tell zion the truth" i say and look him in his eyes which only made him laugh


"you did not call me for this bullshit right" nick asked

"bullshit? you made me lose a good fucking thing.. we're you mad that it didn't work with me and you? i don't know how many times i have to remind you but you fucked shit up with me nicholas" i say

"i don't give a fuck about what you and zion have going on keep me out of it..i said what i said and that was that" he says and rubs his chin

"you are so fucking selfish and it really disgust me..how could you do this to me? do you enjoy seeing me hurt or some shit" i say angry with tears starting to fall.

i hated that i cried around him..i know it made him feel like he had some type of power over me.

he just stood there and didn't say anything. i knew he felt guilty by the look on his face but his pride was too strong, he wasn't going to admit it.

"just go.." i say wiping the tears off my face with the sleeve of my sweater

i moved out of the so he could leave but he only stood there.

"please just go nick..im not for it right now, please" i beg

he just walks out and doesn't say anything.


i stayed up all night crying to edwin about what happened and how zion would never talk to me again. edwin was the best person to talk to he would give you good advice but at the same time kept it real with you.

"i just don't know why nicholas is such a dick" i groan which made edwin laughed

"hey he's nice when he wants to be.. but you should try z again. i know he misses you even though he won't admit it" he says which gave me just a tiny ounce of hope that me and zion would be okay.


kaylani: caleb i know you don't wanna hear from me rn but i really do want you to know that i wouldn't do that to you or myself for that matter. i respect us both enough not to do that. i actually really do like yo believe it or not. and i do apologize for not telling you about the whole situation with nick earlier. im not gonna rush you to talk to me or anything but just know im here whenever you're ready to talk, i love you.

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