n i n e.

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feeling as guilty as i did i ran after nick, even though nick had hurt me worse than anyone else has. he would always hold this special place in my heart, forever.

"nick wait please" i yelled running after him

only causing him to turn around and look at me with his face red.

"wait for what kaylani huh? for you to go fuck zion" he screams. his comment did hurt my feelings but i wasn't going to let him know.

"wow nicholas...let's not forget you were the one who did me dirty first. i moved on and now you wanna be mad? nah." i yelled back

"i didn't tell you to be a whore and go after one of my friends kaylani. what the fuck!" he screamed back even louder

i scoffed.

"this is really pointless. im with zion now, you had your chance with me and you blew it so now you can fuck off nick" i said and walked away.

i honestly couldn't believe him.


i canceled on zion because i just wasn't in the mood. of course i had to lie to him again because I didn't want him to know about the asshole.

i just couldn't believe myself, i was lying to zion but yet i expected him to just show me off to his parents? wow kaylani.

i was just lying in my bed with the lights off when i heard a knock at my door.

when i opened it no one other than nicholas was there.

i couldn't help but laugh in his face.

"you're not serious right" i said

"look i'm sorry bab- kaylani..i didn't mean shit i said it was just in the heat of the moment and you know how jealous i get" he says making excuses for himself.

"nicholas i don't have time for you and this bi-polar shit you have going on goodnight" i said as i began closing the door which made him put his foot in between the door.

"why must you act like a child" i ask

"because kaylani you're not taking me serious" he snaps

"because you're a fucking joke litera-" i began but i was cut off by someone else pulling up in my drive thru.

the person got out of the car and began to walk up my driveway. it was zion.

"shit, you have to go nick" i say panicking

nick started smirking

"nah, i think I'll stay a while" he says and waits for zion to walk up.

i was gonna have some explaining to do.

so I've decided my chapters are gonna be short ( they'll definitely be a little bit lover than this) but I'll probably have about sixty so that works for me lol. but don't forget to vote comment and share pleaseeeee 😚.

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