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we're switching it up lol ..
me writing in nicks pov is going to be very rare.


i walked down the steps of me and the guys house to see a bunch of people smoking, drinking and dancing.

"ALL A BAD BITCH NEED IS THE MONEY" i heard someone yell

i looked over to see kaylani and haley dancing on eachother, screaming the words to cardi b's song money.

i just shook my head.

i walked over to the kitchen and grabbed a drink then made my way back into the living room where everyone was.


i heard everyone chanting and looked up to see kaylani standing on a table removing her clothes.

"oh shit" i mumbled

i walked over to her and got her down from the table and of course she fell on the way down


"yeah yeah" i roll my eyes.

i picked her up bridal style and carried her to my bedroom upstairs.
i laid her down on my bed and started t dig through my closet for some clothes she could wear because obviously she couldn't go anywhere tonight.

"you're a party pooper you know that" she whines trying to stand up but failing miserably

"lay down" i laugh at her

"hey! not funny dude" she screams

"okay I'm sorry" i say holding my laugh and going back to look for clothes

"here put this on" i say throwing the clothes on the bed

she tried putting the clothes on but didn't succeed.

"lemme help you" i say walking over to her removing the clothes she had on before and putting on the clothes i had given to her.

i just admit. feeling her body felt weird but i definitely missed it, i forgot how perfect it was.

once i changed her clothes i laid her back down and begin to walk out of the room.

"don't leave meee" she whines

"uh um i- okay" i say not knowing what to do so i sat on the edge of the bed

"lay with me" she says half asleep lightly patting the big empty section of the bed next to her.

i took my shoes off and hesitantly got under the covers and laid next to her.

this was what i had been waiting for ever since i saw her again. even though we weren't doing anything, this just felt so wrong.

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