t w e n t y - f i v e

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i got to their house in twenty minutes. quickly walking up the driveway i was nervous. i knocked on the door and soon after zion was standing in the door way.

"hey" he simply says.


things were awkward after all he fought nick less than six hours ago.

"so what's up" i sighed still standing in the door.

"come in" he says moving back to make way for me to get in. i stepped in and took a seat on their leather couch.

"well.." i say urging him to speak

"i just wanna apologize. i know you love nick and i didn't wanna put my hands on him because that's my brother .. or he was" zion says holding his head down

i felt bad. it was my fault all of this was happening.

"thanks for apologizing, but all of this is my fault" i sigh "i started this whole fued between you two and i wanna apologize to you for it"

zion just stared into my eyes and he began to lean closer until we hear keys jingle in the door.

nick and edwin walker in the door.

"can i please talk to you" i ask nick and he just nods making his way upstairs and i follow.

we sat in awkward sunken eyes for two minutes until i finally began speaking "im sorry"


"i don't know, everything?" i say but it comes out like more of a question.

he just sighs but doesn't say anything so i continue.

"i never meant to come between you two. i really am sorry and i think im gonna stay away for a while. i—"

"you don't have to do that"  he says

"yeah i kind of do..just know that i would never try to intentionally hurt you or him. i think you two should make up."

"i love you, nick." I simply say and walk out the door.

i walked downstairs with tears starting to build up in my eyes. i didn't wanna do that but i had to.

"zion, im gonna tell you like i told nick. don't let me or anyone come between you two. you're friends before anything and that won't change, please make up with him." i cried

"im gonna go away for a while, so you won't see me around but just know i love you" i said.

"kaylani that's bullshit. you're not going anywhere" zion snaps causing me to look up at him which i was trying to avoid.

"please just let me go. it will be better for everyone."

"fine, go" he simply says with his arms crossed

i knew he was mad but this was gonna be good for the both of them and myself in the long run. i needed to get away from drama and boys. it was all just too much.

and with that i made my way out the door and didn't look back.

hi i know it's short and not what you wanted to read.. but i'm ending this book to make a sequel!! to be honest after a while i was not feeling confident about this book at all but i realized it was my first book and i had to start somewhere. THE SEQUEL WILL BE CALLED "settling" i hope you guys will like it !!

my story is now entered in the watty's which is absolutely crazy to me, but it's all thanks to you guysssss :))


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