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it had been weeks since nick and i were close again. he was great just like the last time but there was always this feeling there would be a repeat of what happened before. i mean i wasn't his girlfriend so it really shouldn't matter i guess.

i felt like i needed to have a conversation with zion also. about this whole think i have with nick, i feel that he deserves to know. plus i wanted to talk about why he was tripping out the one night.

i decided that i should go over to the guys's house and talk to him there.


when i got there i walked up to the door and knocked three times

the door flew open and haley stood there

"hey mamas" she yelled pulling me into a hug

"hi baby" i laughed hugging her back , Haley and i always joked saying we were each other's girlfriends.

"is z here" i ask pulling away from the hug

"yeah..but he's got company" she says

"oh girl i don't care" i say walking in and making my way up to zions room

i knocked on the door a few times and no one opened so i just walked in.

"zio- oh im so sorry" i said walking in on zion and sammi

i couldn't lie i still liked zion a little bit to that hurt me just to see him with someone else

a few minutes later zion walked out of his bedroom door fully clothed but with a smirk on his face.

"you enjoyed the show" he asked laughing

"you are an asshole" i scoffed

"anyways..im here to talk to you" i sighed

"about what? i dont think there's anything we need to talk about" he says crossing his arms

"we do, now sit" i motioned for him to sit next to me on the stairs

"i wanna apologize about the whole nick thing, i know i was wrong for not telling you but i promise nothing happened with me and nick while i was still with you. i would never do that to you. but we do need to talk about why you care to my house the way you did" i said looking him in his eyes

"i do apologize i was tripping, but you have to understand where i was coming from. i was hurt." he explains

i did try to understand his point of view and it made me feel for him a little until i realized that i tried to tell him over and over again the nothing happened. he just wanted to believe the worst.

"zion..i told you nothing happened multiple times, you chose to believe other people instead" i sighed

"i know...and im sorry for that too" he says placing his hand on my thigh

i looked down at his hand on my leg for a few minutes until i heard someone behind us clearing their throat.

i turned around to find nick.

"am i interrupting something" he asks shoving his hand in his front pockets


hi guys. i honestly feel terrible for taking this long to update but it's my birthday today so i thought i should just do it today. anyways i hope that everyone enjoys this chapter.

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