t w e l v e.

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"hi baby" i said as i greeted zion with a kiss on his cheek

"hey beautiful" he says smiling and pulling me into a hug

"i came over because i wanna talk to you about something.." i say looking at him

"okay let's go upstairs to my room" he says taking my hand so i could follow him up the stairs.

this was gonna be way harder than i anticipated.

"so what's up" he asked sitting on the edge of his bed

"mmk..first i don't want you to think im a liar or that i would ever do anything to hurt you, because i wouldn't i promise." i said sighing

"you're making me nervous what happened" he asks standing up

i sighed. here goes nothing.

"so a couple months before i met you..i was with this guy. when i started to see you this guy came back around and he's been trying to fuck shit up with us."

"who's the guy" he asks looking me in my eyes.

"n-nick...." i whispered, but loud enough so he could hear.

"my nick?" he asks and i just nodded

"what the hell kaylani" he yells

"i know im sorry i didn't tell you i just didn't want shit to be awkward between us" i said defending myself

"you could have told me" he says shaking his head

"im sorry caleb" i say

"so..what was he doing at your apartment the other day" he asks

i knew he was assuming the worst.

"nothing i swear..he came to talk" i say

"you sure about that?" he asks

"i promise..ask nick" i say thinking he would tell the truth.

so that's exactly what he did. we both walked to nicks bedroom and knocked on the door.

nick door flung open and he was standing there in his boxers.

"what's up" he asked

"what were you doing at her house the other day" zion asked

nick and i made eye contact. i started to see that smirk appear on his face, i knew he was up to no good right now.

"she called me over and asked to chill" he lied still with that smirk on his face.

"really kaylani?" zion shouts

"z i swear his ass is lying" i plead

"and you man...you supposed to be my bro" zion looks at nick before he stomps down the stairs and out the door

"please tell him the truth nicholas" i say with tears starting to form in my eyes.

he stared at me for a good two minutes before he said anything.

"i did" he says and closes the door.

i can't believe i actually love this asshole. how could he do that to me?


kaylani: caleb i promise i would never do that you.
kaylani: pls believe me
kaylani: i love you
kaylani: i wouldn't ever hurt you like that.


this is really short and bad i know im sorry. i had to rush and write this chapter. anyways im almost at 1k readslike what the actual hell ily guys sm thanks for all the reads and votes💞.

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