e l e v e n.

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edwin: hey bestie..i miss you😢

kaylani: i miss you way more eddie ❤️

edwin: wanna meet up?

kaylani: of courseee where?

edwin: idk just meet me downtown lol.

kaylani: kk see you soon.

i got up showered and got dressed in some jeans, a vintage tee and my all white Air Force 1's. I put my hair up into a messy ponytail, because it was still a little damp.

once i was done getting ready i got a text from ed, he told me to meet at in-n-out. so i made my way out the door and to in-n-out.

when i got there i walked in and saw edwin ordering his food.

"fatass you couldn't wait for me" i joked walking up to him

"yo ass was talking too long" he said which made me laugh

"oh please i was literally 10 minutes late"i said defending myself and he just playfully rolling my eyes.

"anyways, what you been up to" he asked drinking his shake.

"you wanna know the truth or you want me to lie" i asked laughing awkwardly

"aww shit spill it" he said acting as if he was getting comfortable in his seat.

edwin was so funny, i couldn't help but laugh at him.

"well here goes nothing..." i said as i began telling edwin what happened.

the more i explained the more shit i realized i had gotten myself into. i could tell edwin wanted to yell at me for some of the shit i said and did just by his facial expressions.

once i finally finished i let out a huge sigh. you think it feels nice to get this shit off your chest but it just stresses me out more.

"this shit is fucked up" he says shaking his head.

"i know, please don't remind me" i whined putting my hands over my face.

"you know you my girl and i love you but z and nick are also my boys so i can't speak on shit" he shrugs

"ugh you're no help" i said as the waitress came bringing over the food ed ordered.

"im sorry. but i do feel like you should tell zion about the shit you and nick had going on before." he says

"why, i didn't even know zion at the time" i ask sitting up

"that shit don't matter, zion has trust issues and i know this will fuck him up crazy if you don't tell him before he finds out on his own." he explains biting into his burger

i just sat there and thought on that.

i knew edwin was right but i didn't want him to be.

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