s e v e n t e e n.

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"yo nickkkk" i heard some yell knocking on the bedroom door. whoever it was had woken me up.

i yawned and stretched out and felt someone laying next to me.

i looked over to see nick.

no. no. no.

my heart started to beat fast and i just really didn't wanna believe that i had slept with the devil himself.

"yo bro i know you're in there" i heard the voice say something again but this time i could make out that it was edwin.

i got up grabbed all of my things and ran to open the door.

"oh shit" edwin said


"im fucking stupid" i whined to edwin

"well you don't know for sure if you had sex with him so calm down" edwin says

"but what if i did.. i- zion is gonna think im a whole ass whore" i reply flopping down on edwins bed

"well let's just ask nick" he suggests

"i don't know.. nick is a bold face liar, as we've seen from previous events" i say

edwin just laughed

"stopppp" i say but couldn't help too laugh with him

"my life is a piece of shit" i say still laughing

"oh don't i know it" edwin replies and i just slap him on his arm.

"c'mon let's go talk to nick" he says standing up and putting his hand out for me to grab it

"here we go" i say grabbing his hand

"so what's up" nick says brushing his teeth

"you know i woke up in your bed, it was kinda sus so i wanted to know di- did we like s- sleep together" i ask hesitantly which caused him to laugh

"nah" he simply says rinsing his mouth out

"how'd i even get up here then" i ask curious

"you were stripping on tables and shit and i wasn't about to let that happen —" nick starts but stops mid sentence

"because believe it or not lani i do care about you" he says coming close to me

"oh- uh well that's my cue so ima just leave" edwin says making his way out of the room

"no wai-" i started but before i could finish he was gone

damn you edwin.

our faces were about an inch away. it was awkward so i just backed away.

"um thanks..but im gonna go know" i say practically running out of his bedroom and making my way out of their house as fast as possible

it was currently 2am and i was up binge watching greys anatomy until i was interrupted by someone banging on my front door

"wait a minute" i screamed which only cause the person to bang faster and louder

i unlocked my door and opened it to find the one person i was missing


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