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"nick you know this isn't right" i whisper

"yes it is baby, you know you want too lani" he says while kissing my neck

"no. what if alexys finds out?" i asked trying not to give in

"she won't ..just come on" nick says starting to get aggravated

"i-i just don't want anything to happen nick" i say pleading with him

"nothing will now hush" he says starting to remove his clothes

i just stared at him in awe how could i say no to this? he looked so good standing there removing his clothes piece by piece. it started to make me think would this be so wrong? i mean i don't really like alexys anyways.

i woke up the next morning to nick being gone, like always. it was like a routine with him. i knew it was wrong but everything about it felt so right, he made me feel special. i knew he loved me ...he did right?


@thealexyscruz : my love💛tagged: therealnickmara

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@thealexyscruz : my love💛
tagged: therealnickmara


@pmfan1: thiccolas you could do waaaay better

@pmfan2: you guys are scute

@pmfan3: what is this relationship lmao?

@kaylaniraee: cute😬


kaylani😌: nick whatever this was we had it's honestly over at this point. i let you use me and im starting to realize you don't love me like you claim to. the fact that i even have to say this to you blows my mind. but anyways i wish you and alexys the best w your guys relationship.

nick💙:it's not even like that lani yk that mamas .

kaylani😌: then pls tell me what it is like nicholas

please don't do this you know i love you

kaylani😌: whatever goodbye nick.


i deserved better and i was going to get it.

___ 5 MONTHS LATER ___


kaylaniraee: noted

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kaylaniraee: noted.

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@zionkuwonu: 😍🔥
@kaylaniraee: thanksssss qt😌

@user1: ^ i ship this shit so hard bro

@user2: god took his time w you 😍

@ybnnahmir: 💞



zionkuwonu: what's good ma💛

kaylaniraee: hey kuwonu!

zionkuwonu: so you think im cute huh?

kaylaniraee: sum like that😌

zionkuwonu: well you are too but i think you know that 😉
anyways you should come to a party me and my guys are throwing tonight.

kaylaniraee: and why would i do that?

zionkuwonu: why wouldn't you?

kaylaniraee: for 1 mr.kuwomu i don't like parties and 2  i don't really know you like that bro😬

zionkuwonu: damn you bro'd me my heart hurts lmao but fr come thru if you want shorty..party starts @ 9
*inserts party address*

kaylaniraee: k


i sat there contemplating on whether i should go to the party or not.
eh it wouldn't be so bad

i feel like this book is going to flop terribly..lmao but enjoy it if you can
vote and leave comments babes ;)

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