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"so my mom and dad are coming into town this week.." zion started

"okay annnnnnd..." i said wanting him to finish his sentence

"i don't really know how'll they'll take me having a girl friend without telling them" he says while putting quotations around the word girlfriend

i can admit. my feelings were a little hurt.

"oh um..yeah sure we don't know eachother when your family is around got it" i say

"im gonna go now okay?" i said and jumped up from the leather couch we were sitting on.

"please don't be mad kaylani" he says and grabs my hand only for me to gently pull it away

"im not mad zion..i mean im not your really girlfriend so i don't even have a right to be mad" i say and roll my eyes

he just sighed

"just please don't take it as if i don't want them to meet you because i really do, just not right now. this whole thing is still kind of new" he explains

"you don't have to explain yourself ..im fine with it caleb" i say and made my way out of the house

i walked to the front and opened it only to see nicholas making his way in

i knew he could see the irritated expression on my face because he asked me if i was okay.

"im fine" i say, him talking to me was only gonna give me a bigger attitude

"are you sure lani?" he asks

"yes nicholas im fine..gosh" i say raising my voice a little

nick just shook his head and walked in the house and i walked to my car and pulled off.


i just there in my room thinking about the whole situation that went down with zion. i came to a realization that i was kind of overreacting just a tiny bit. but i really didn't wanna be someone's "secret" i knew i deserved better than that. i wanted to meet zions family, i wanted to be introduced as the girl he liked and all of that.

Thinking of it only made me go back to the time where i met nicks mother and his sister, who were the sweetest people ever. nick introduced me as his "girl", why couldn't zion?

nick did a lot of things zion doesn't do. maybe i made the wrong choice by sticking with z. who knows, my life is just a mess.


nick: yo you good now?

see it was shit like this. why wasn't zion texting to make sure i was okay?

kaylani: fine thanks.
nick: what happened?

kaylani: don't really wanna talk about it.

nick: come on lani, meet me at the cafe on  wiltshire.

i really didn't want to out of respect for zion but this was only a friendly meet up right?

kaylani: k

this should be interesting.

ik this update is short but i promised every other day updates... hope you guys enjoy. make sure to vote and comment 😚
xx devynn

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