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kaylaniraee: chill

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kaylaniraee: chill..🤯

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edwinhonoret: bestfriend❤️


user: pls ur so pretty

user2: this picture called me ugly wow

kaylabylon: pretty mami😚

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after all that had went down with zion all i wanted to do was be alone. i called and told edwin what happened and he obviously helped me with it that night.

i decided that i needed a day to myself so i got up, showered and got dressed. it was a little chilly in la today so i made sure to dress right for the weather.

as i was fixing my hair i heard a knock at the door.

"who is it" i screamed

"nick" he screamed back

i just sighed. i didn't really wanna see anyone at the moment but i couldn't just leave him out there.

i got up from my vanity and made my way to the front of my apartment to open the door for him.

"hey" he said as i opened the door

"hello" i said whispering but loud enough so he could hear me

"can i come in" he asks

i just nod and move over opening the door wider so he could walk in.

"uh i just wanted to you know..make sure you were okay" he says scratching the back of his head

i mentally rolled my eyes knowing that edwin had told him what went down with z.

"i'm fine" i say looking down playing with my fingers

"you don't seem fine" he says

"i will be" i laugh sarcastically

"can i be real with you" he asks

"always" i reply

he takes a seat and sighs before he starts talking.

"you don't deserve any of this shit.. what i did to you or what zion did to you. you are amazing and anyone would be lucky as hell to have you. and i wanna apologize again for all that shit i did to you. i fucked up one of the best things I've had in my life and i know i'm stupid for that. i mean it from the bottom of my heart. i will always love you forever and you can always count on me for anything." he says standing now face to face with me

i started to tear up because i didn't wanna do this with nick again but everything he was saying was right and i loved him.

"please don't cry" he says grabbing my hands and rubbing the top of them with his thumbs

"nick i- i love you and you know that but i need time" i say sighing

"shh i know you don't have to say anything i just needed to get that off my chest .." he says now wiping my tears away with his hands

"thank you" i say slightly smiling

"i'm not leaving you here like this though" he says

"i'm fine nick" i say

"nah i dont wanna hear it i'm staying until i know for sure you're okay" he protests

"whatever" i laughs and roll my eyes


nick and i stayed at my house all night. we ordered food and watched rom-com's all night until i fell asleep on his chest .


hi i know i'm a horrible person for not updating like i said i was going to but i have lots to do. i'm going to have to do one update a week so yeah .. enjoy this chapter though.

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