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eventually i did decide i wanted to go to the party. so i showered got dressed and made my way out the door and to my car. i put the address zion had sent me into my gps and made my way there.

once i got to the party i pulled into the driveway of a huge house. it was really nice and there were almost two hundred people there.

i made my way inside of the house and began to look for the one person i knew, zion. i looked all through the house and couldn't find him. i got to the one room i hadn't looked in and knocked

"zion are you in here" i asked

"nah he ain't in here" someone yelled back.

that voice was familiar. but i just decided to shake it off and continue to look for zion.

after almost twenty minutes looking for him i finally found him in the backyard having a drinking contest with edwin.

"having fun without me i see" i said and smiled. he turned and looked at me. once he saw me he put on a big kool aid smile

"see i knew you would show up for the kid" he said taking a shot and walking over to me.

I introduced myself to edwin and immediately we clicked we were like destined to be besties. once edwin and i finished talking zion and i made our way into the kitchen.

he offered me a drink but i simply declined "only do that on special occasions, im good." he laughed

"well isn't this a special occasion, you get to meet me" he said and i just stared at him

"you're not serious right" i laughed at him

he just stared at me with a serious face.

"oh you are" i said and bursted into laughter which made zion begin to walk away

i followed him still laughing which almost had me crying. "okay okay im sorry" i said still having a small smile on my face

he still ignored me.

"cmon I'll take a shot for you" i said and he immediately turned around and pulled me back into the kitchen handing me a shot with lord knows what in it. i just took the shot to make him happy.

"let's go talk somewhere quiet" he said and i nodded. we made our way upstairs to his room.

i sat on the edge of the bed and zion layed across it next to me.

"so tell me about yourself ms.kaylani" zion said and made direct eye contact with me

"what do you wanna know?" i asked

"everything" he simply said

i woke up the next morning not in my own bed. i rolled over and saw zion sleeping on the floor. i just awed he was too sweet. i got up and made my way to the bathroom.

when i came back zion was up and scrolling through Instagram on his phone.

"there you are i thought you left me" he said and i just smiled

"oh i would never" i joked

we just sat there talking until we heard a knock at the door

"z can i borrow some soc-" he made his way in the door mid sentence

once we saw eachother i froze. it was him. nicholas carter mara. my first love, the one i thought love me.

"socks are in the top drawer" zion said breaking the silence

"uhhh thanks" nick said as he walked to the drawer and grabbed socks and just hurried out the room

"that was nick" zion said

"oh really he's rude, didn't speak to me at all" i pretended i didn't know nick because he's my past. no need to bring him back up right?

"i promise he's not always like that" he laughed

"oh" i simply said

"so ima go shower and stuff then we can go out to eat" he said

"sure but i have to go home and shower, i look a mess" i said and he just stared at me with the 'seriously?' face

"you look fine" he said

"no i look like yesterday" i laughed and he just shook his head

"you're still beautiful" he said as he got up, kissed my cheek and made his way out the room.


it was her. the girl i loved.

i know the whole cheating on alexys thing with her was wrong, i admit that. but i really did love kaylani probably more than alexys.

"what are you making man" i looked up and saw zion looking in the fridge and pulling out orange juice.

"cereal" i just said

we sat there in silence for about three minutes.

"so that uh girl in your room" i started

"she's cute right..i think i like her, we stayed up talking all night i feel like i can tell her anything" he said "but lemme shut up i sound like a whole bitch in love" he laughed

"cool she's seems nice" i said and begin to get up. i definitely was jealous and i want going to let this little relationship between them last.

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