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kaylaniraee: nonchalant since forever 🗞

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kaylaniraee: nonchalant since forever 🗞

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zionkuwonu: 👀

edwinhonoret: MY NEW BESTIE💞
kaylaniraee: ily jsshhsj 😚

malutrevejo: sayon es mine bby don't think he's yours
kaylaniraee: didn't think that but go off sis😂



"you know your little girlfriends really don't like me" i joked and zion just stared at me

"not my girlfriends and they're just mad because i want you and not them" he said and kissed my cheek

i just blushed and held my head down trying to hide my smile.

"you ain't gotta lie craig" i laughed mocking the movie friday which caused zion to start tickling

"stooooooop zi—zion im sorry" i yelled while crying laughing

i made my way out of zions grip and into the kitchen where he followed me and threw me over his shoulder and onto the couch.

he hovered over me and stared into my eyes.

"you know you really are beautiful ma" he said making me blush for the second time today

"oh hush boy" i said and put my hands over my face which only made zion remove them and lean down to kiss me

our faces were a few inches away, we were about to kiss for the first time until...we heard someone clear their throat

nick.he just stood there with an irritated expression.

"my bad just tryna watch tv" he said and snatched the remote from the table and plopped down on the couch.

i could tell he was angry...and for some reason i felt bad.

zion just took my hand pulled me up from the couch and led me back to his room.

as we got up and walked past nick and i made complete eye contact. he looked heartbroken. like i had betrayed him or something.

i couldn't believe i was actually feeling guilty. like i was the one who did something wrong.

i had went home a few hours later after being at the guys house. i just kept thinking about nick and how i was hurting him just by being with zion.

i opened my phone slid down to nicks contact and my finger just sat over the 'unblock' button.



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