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kaylaniraee: switch up🤧

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kaylaniraee: switch up🤧

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edwinhonoret: i fw it bestie🤩
kaylaniraee: @edwinhonoret ily😚.

user1: don't like it🤢

user2:your literally so beautiful wth
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dinahjane97: purtyyyyy😍

"i literally don't understand mennnnnn" i scream

zion wasn't fucking with me right now but he liked my picture. im honestly confused.

i threw my phone on my bed only to pick it back up a few minutes later because of it ringing

"hey edwin" i sigh

"now why do you sound sad" he asked

"oh no reason at all" i say sarcastically

"you should be excited right now..know why?" he asks

"no tell me why" i laugh

"because im throwing a party for tiff and you're invited" he says

"woooo im excited" i say not sounding excited at all

"get you're life together kay..my house 9 o'clock be there or we're fighting" he demands

"sure whatever" i laugh at him

"im not playing" he warns

"i know i'll see you later" i say and hang up

i wore a black bodysuit, some high waisted jeans and my white Air Force 1's to edwins party i just left my hair down.

when i got to the party i could tell there was a lot of people by how many cars were out here.

i walked up to the door and was about to knock before it swung open. i looked up to see zion standing there. my heart started beating faster and i choked up.

"h-h- hey" i stutter

"sup" he simply says not making eye contact with me

"you not staying for the party" i ask

"nah" he replied. i could tell he was still angers because of his one word responses

"oh well how have you been" i ask. knowing i didn't really care i just wanted to talk to him.

"chilling" he answers and shoves his hands in his jean pockets

"well clearly you don't wanna talk so im gonna go in" i sigh and turn around to walk in the door

he just continues to walk down the stairs on his front porch.

why were guys so annoying?

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