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"noooo that ain't how you play" zion laughed

"don't laugh teach meeeee" i whined

"just give up" he said while still laughing

"you know what fuck you" i laughed while storming out of the room

"im sorry baby come back" he screamed as i left out the room

zion was teaching me how to play fortnite. he was an asshole teacher though.


i made my way downstairs into the kitchen, only to find nick in there.

i quickly tried to turn around before he could catch me but he saw me.

"you know you don't have to run away from me lani" he sighed and sat on the island

"shit" i mumbled

"i know" i replied

"then why are you" he asked

" shit is just awkward when we're around eachother ya know" i said and stood in the doorway of the kitchen

"it doesn't have to be though" he says and jumps off the island to walk to me which only made me back up

"uh yeah it kinda does"i laughed awkwardly

"need i remind you i was your 'side bitch' and you had me thinking i was the only one" i say with an attitude

"and how many times have i apologized for that" he asked

"nicholas, you can take all of your apologies and shove them up your ass" i say

"kaylani are you serious..it was almost 9 months ago" he says

i just laughed at him

"you won't ever get it.. i don't even know why i try" i said as tears started to build up in my eyes

i couldn't let him see me cry. i quickly wipes my eyes with the sleeve of my shirt.

"im sorry again" he says

"i don't wanna heat you're sorry anymore when you clearly don't mean it"i say and begin to put my shoes on.

"well what the fuck else am i supposed to say" he yells

"nothing...nothing at all" i say and put my jacket on while grabbing my purse and leaving their house.


i got home after taking a drive around la. all i wanted to do was sleep at this point. nicholas had drained all the energy from me with his childish ass ways.


zion😚: hey mamas, why'd you leave without telling me?

kaylani💞: im sorry z, i just had something important to do.

zion😚: like..?

kaylani💞: you know girl stuff .

zion😚: oh okay. FaceTime me later

kaylani:will do❤️

i didn't wanna lie to him but i couldn't tell him about what happened nick.


i hopped in the shower and blasted some summer walker. after i got out i made some frozen pizza, got in my bed and facetimed z.

he answers after the third ring.

"hey beautiful" he said which made me smile

"i miss you already ugly" i joked

"you know you love all this" he says and motion towards his body

"mhm whatever, what are you doing?" I asked

he picked camera and flipped it to the television, which shows his fortnite screen.

"being a goat you know" he shrugs

i just rolled my eyes. guys and fortnite was a whole ass mess.

"well can you and fortnite keep it down because ima try to go to sleep" i laughed

"we got you" he said referring to him and the game


double updateeeeeee. i am on a roll. this is kind of short tho.
hope you still like it though

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