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zionkuwonu: crushin💜

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zionkuwonu: crushin💜

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"so how have you been" my friend amaree asked

"girl..." i said and sighed

"tell me about it." she said and took a sip of her drink

we were currently at a cafe in downtown la. i felt like i needed someone to talk to other than zion, and amaree was the one person i knew i could trust. we had been friends since middle school, she moved away and came back after she finished high school.

"be ready because girl this is tea" i laughed awkwardly trying to make humor of the situation

she just motioned for me to continue.

i told her about the whole nick and alexys thing and somehow zion found my instagram and decided to shoot his shot kind of. i ran down everything from how it all started to where i am now.

"wow" she said with wide eyes

"i know and it's fucked up because i actually like zion but you know nick will always have a spot in my heart, he was honestly the first guy i loved seriously" i sighed and rubbed my face

"don't stress it babe, you know i feel like you should go with your heart." she simply says

"that's the thing amaree, my heart is just as fucked up as my head" i said

"well if you want my honest opinion..i would say fuck nick. he hurt you and it was wrong. zion on the other hand is here and is doing everything right at the right time and nick is just trying to fuck up a good thing you have" she says and looks me in my eyes

she was right. i was so dumb to even consider giving nick chance.

"thanks boo" i said and have her a hug while standing up

"where you going?" she asked

"z's" i simply said with a big grin on my face

"make sure you use protection" she whispered and i just laughed.


i had finally reached the guys's house after a half hour drive. i walked up to the door and knocked on it.

edwin answered and once he saw me he immediately pulled me into the biggest bear hug

"yo bestie" he said

" i love your life, hey eddie" i said while laughing

"zion is upstairs..just go right up" he said and i did so.

on my way upstairs i couldn't help but notice nick on the couch with a girl watching Netflix.

i was jealous.

i didn't even notice i was staring until nick turns around and clears his throat.

"somethin i can help you with?" he asks with a smirk on his face

"uh- um...no im just here for z" i fake smile

"oh okay"

i continue to walk upstairs stomping my feet. he really had a whole other girl and he was just telling me he loves me last night. i cannot with guys.

i walked into zions room and slammed the door.

"woah there, what's wrong with you" he asks as he jumps up from the bed.

"nothing..im sorry" i say

"you sure?" he asks

"yeah don't worry about me. let's watch a movie" i suggest.


and that's exactly what we did. we stayed up in his room and watched movies cuddling all night.

although no matter how hard i tried i just couldn't get my mind off of nick and that girl.

short update ...this was kinda rushed because i wanna do updates daily but if not everyday. i promise they will be every other day. anyways hope you guys are enjoying the story.
xxx devynn 😚

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