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kaylaniraee: chillin w no makeup on that's when you're the prettiest🤫

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kaylaniraee: chillin w no makeup on that's when you're the prettiest🤫

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it had been a few weeks since zion and i started talking and we became so close. she thought it was nice to have someone to talk to everyday.

the only thing was everytime we were around eachother nick just seemed to pop up out of nowhere. it was like it was impossible for the two of us to enjoy anything.


i sat up on brought the phone to my face and quickly slid my finger over the screen to answer.

when the call connected all i was shocked. my smile quickly faded and i was ready to hit the red button it was him.


"uh hey" he spoke softly

"is there something i can help you with" i said with a bit of an attitude

"i just wanna talk" he said and sighed

"nicholas i don't have anything to say to you and why do you even have z's phone" i replied and rolled my eyes

"well you don't have to speak just hear me out"he pleaded

i sighed and motioned for him to continue

"look lani i-"

"kaylani to you now" i corrected him and he just shook his head

"kaylani... i know what i did was fucked up and completely wrong. i hurt both you and alexys and im so sorry for it. it felt right in the moment and i never thought thing would end up like this. i know you probably don't wanna hear this right now but i apologize and i di- i do love you kaylani rae castillo." he said and looked me right in my eyes.

i just clicked the red button.

it's not that i wanted to be rude but i couldn't handle it. i didn't know how to respond to what i had just heard. nicholas never actually apologized to me and that's why i always held a grudge. hearing him say those words made me feel some type of way. how i felt when i was with him before.

but i would never go back.

anothaaaaa one lol but can we just talk about how my manz zion is dating sammi..i do not approve at all no z we don't stan this relationship . but i still love you bby

anyways tell me what you thought of this chapter guys. xx devynn😉

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