t w e n t y.

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i woke up to the smell of something burning. i quickly jumped up finding that nick was no longer by my side.

i ran to my kitchen and found him there trying to flip a pancake. i let out a little giggle causing nick to turn around.

"oh shit, im sorry did i wake you" he asked

"no you're good.. what are you burning" i say laughing

"haha shits not funny but i was trying to make breakfast for you" nick sighs

"aw aren't you just adorable.." i cooed and nick starts to blush

"how about i take you out to eat instead" he suggest

i really didn't know how to feel about being seen with nick in public. i definitely didn't want people to know we were 'friendly' again because of what they might think, especially not zion.

"uhhh you sure about that" i say kind of hesitant

"i mean you don't have to if you don't wanna, it was just a suggestion" he says and i could tell me not wanting to go out kind of irritated him.

"okay, fine we can go" i sigh. i guess what everyone else thought didn't matter as long as i was with nick.

"don't just say you wanna go because you think im mad" he says with an attitude

"nick calm down..i want to" i say grabbing his hand.

"im gonna go get dressed" i say heading upstairs to get ready.


nick and i had been out all day. this was one thing i missed about being with nick. he was always adventurous and always wanted to do new things.

"yo, we should go up on the rooftop" nick says pointing to a rooftop near a carnival

"let's go" i say pulling his hand making our way to the rooftop

once we finally got there, we saw a table with two chairs so we sat there and decided to just talk.

"you know i never thought i would ever even be able to talk to you ever again" i say looking nick in his eyes

"yeah i know" he sighs

"i've always wanted this though.. just me and you nobody else" he says grabbing my hand

"nicholas, i don't want you to get mad or anything but honestly just tell me why" i ask just wanting the truth

he sat there for about five minutes before he decided to answer my question

"if I'm being real with you..i felt like something was missing between alexys and i. i found what was missing in you so i didn't want to let you know that i had a girl because i wanted to have the best of both worlds, i was that selfish back then. and i will regret that shit for the rest of my life" he says fidgeting with the rips on his jeans.

"thank you" i simply say

"for what" he asked confused

"for finally telling me the truth" i reply

that was all i wanted from nick was the truth.

nick and i just sat on the rooftop talking about our old memories and how we would soon make new ones.


therealnickmara: i got you🖤

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therealnickmara: i got you🖤.
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