e i g h t e e n.

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" what are you doing here it's 2am" i asked

"i wanna talk" he chuckled

"come in then" i said and stepped aside

he walked in nearly falling on his face.

"woah, you good" i asked helping him up. i knew he had been drinking when i bent down to help him i smelled the liquor.

"yeah im cool" he says getting up and acting like that didn't just happen

"what's up" i ask

"i don't know you tell me" he says walking closer to me causing me to take a step back

"what are you doing" i ask now concerned

"i'm tryna have some fun" he laughs

"yeah no that's not happening" i say with my back up against the wall because he backed me into a corner

he began to kiss me face and down to my neck

"z-zion stop this is not right" i say

"why not baby" he says while still kissing on me

i finally pushed him off.

"stop.. you're drunk" i say and sigh

"oh but you would have fucked nick though right" he laughs

his words hurt me. i couldn't believe he was talking to me this way

"wow.. you know that's not true so don't even go there" i argue

"yeah right.." he sighs sitting on my couch

"you need to go" i say

he just sits there pursing his lips.

"zion get out please" i say walking towards the door to open it

"make me" he says while chuckling

"i cant believe you're actually being this much of an asshole right now .. i would never expect this coming from you" i sigh

"i never expected you to fuck my friend but you did that so i guess both our expectations were wrong huh" he asks and looks me directly in my eye

"you know i did nothing with nick as long as I've been with you caleb, so stop the bullshit right now" i say raising my voice at this point

"get the fuck out before i call the police" i demand

"fuck it" he says and finally gets up and walks to the door

"don't hit me up cause i don't want you're whore ass anymore" he laughs while walking away

i couldn't believe him.


ik this is really short and I've been shitty w my updates but i promise a double update tomorrow ❤️. and ty for 4K reads

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