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"stay here i'll get you some ice" i said positioning nick in the most comfortable place i could on the floor

i ran into the kitchen and realized i didn't have any ice.. guess a bag of frozen peas would have to do.

i honestly couldn't believe zion would do that. not saying nick wasn't in the wrong for saying shit too but wow i've never seen anything like that in my life before. it was just crazy.

"here" i say putting nicks head back on my lap and placing the bag of peas on his now bruised face.

"ouch ... why the hell do you have peas? who eats peas?" he asks and laughs causing me to join him.

"shut up, they're good" i say and nudge him

"come on..let's get you on the couch" i say

"or we could get me in your bed" he winks. even at a time like this nick always found humor in the situation.

"you're such an asshole" i say helping him off the floor and onto the couch.

"you love it though" he says and tried his best to make himself comfortable considering what just happened.

"whatever..im gonna go call edwin I'll be right back" i tell him and begin to walk away

"no come here" he simply says


"just c'mere" he says and pats the spot next to him

i sigh and slowly make my way over to the seat next to him confused

"what" i say

"im sorry" he says looking me directly in my eyes

"for what" i ask confused

"for all this shit. i didn't mean for any of it to happen.. he just forces shit" nick sighs

"i know i know" i said running my fingers through his hair causing nick to look at me weird

"im sorry" i say my checks turning bright red

"nah, i like it" he smiles


a couple hours had passed and it was currently 6pm. nick and i had laid across my couch watching different shows on netflix.
i never thought i'd actually be speaking to him let alone hand out with him in my apartment. it's weird but i like it.

my phone began to ring interrupting the silence and my thoughts. i look at the screen realizing it was zion so i hesitantly press the green button to accept.

"uh.. hey" his voice booms through the speaker and i'm sure nick heard but he looks at me with anger in his expression.

"look lani i'm so sorry. i know i fucked up really bad with this one but just hear me out. i never meant for shit to go down like that." he sighs

"i really need to talk to you face to face come over please" zion begs

"i don't know about that.." i trail off

"please" he begs even more with a sympathetic tone

i look over at nick who clearly is irritated with the fact that I'm even holding a conversation with zion.

"umm okay" i finally give in earning a glare from nick

"thank you" he simply says before i hang up the phone.

when i look up i see nick standing up from the couch to put his shoes on.

"where are you going" i ask and he ignores me


"why the fuck do you care. aren't you going to go be with him" nick asks wincing as he tries to put his jacket on

"nicholas you're not serious right now" i sigh. he was being so unreasonable

"but i am" he simply says

"he just wants to talk. you act like i'm going over there to fuck him" i scream

"who knows with you" he says and i try to tell myself it's out of anger but i can't help but think he really feels this way

"can you please stop" i say trying to hide tears that were threatening to spill out of my eyes

"stop what? you just fucking play with my emotions. i can't with you" he says.

that was one of the things i really disliked about him he has an anger problem like no on else in this world

"fine" i say giving in, i did not wanna argue with him

he looks at me one last time and left out the door making sure to slam it behind him.

it's crazy how we could go from laughing with eachother and then hours later screaming at eachother.

i debated on going over zions house for a while. i know it would only make shit worse between nick and i but i felt like i should still go and at least hear what he has to say.

with that thought i quickly threw on some jeans and a crewneck and made my way to their house.

i know i was supposed to be updating regularly but i thought i had made up my mind i was deleting the book. but i came back onto the app and i love i have gotten from this book is amazing so i won't be deleting:) thank u for everything

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