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"oh no it's not like that" i said jumping up and away from zion

zion and nick stared at eachother down for a good minute until nick turned and looked at me

"i believe you but i don't trust him so i don't know" he says

"man .. if i did want her i would have her now chill" zion says standing up now towering over nick

"please calm down it's not even that serious" i said standing in between the two

"whatever" nick says waving zion off

"zion can we finish this later" i asked

"yeah..control your little boyfriend though" he says walking back in his room smirking

he's such a child.

"lets go" i said dragging nickaway and into his room

"i fucking hate him" nick screams grabbing his hair

"don't say that" i replied

"why not it's the truth..he's so egotistical" nick says

"wow using big words are we" i said mocking him

"oh shut up" he laughs trying to hide the smile forming on his face

"come here" i said patting the empty space on the bed next to me

"im sorry if that looked weird i-" i was cut of by nick kissing me

"you don't have to apologize..i know this shit is complicated with him" he sighs

"thank you" i smile

i had woken up around two o'clock in the morning laying on nicks chest. i really had to use the bathroom so i tried getting out of nick's hold but it was almost impossible.

"nick" i whisper causing him to stir around in his sleep

"hm" he mumbles

"let me go" i laugh

"no" he says

"i have to pee" i whine and he finally lets go.

once i had gotten out of nick's grip i went and used the bathroom and decided to go downstairs for a drink of water.

when i got downstairs i heard music coming from the garage so i wanted to see what it was.

i walked in the garage to find brandon in there making beats.

i stop and just listen. until brandon finally turns around and sees me standing there.

"oh my bad did i wake you" he says

"no you're good .. i was down here for some water and i heard you. it's really good by the way" i say walking further in the garage and taking a seat next to him

"thank you..we've never really spoken before" he laughs

"i know it's weird..im always with nick, zion or edwin" i reply

"how's that whole thing going anyways- if you don't mind he asking" he says

"oh you're fine.. i need some one to talk to about it anyways" i sigh

"i know i brought this whole thing on myself by even messing with zion after nick. i don't know it's like i love nick even after what he did to me. i have feelings for zion but just because of the history with nick i feel like i lean towards him more when it comes to a relationship. then on top of that i fucked up their friendship, they're basically beefing over me and i hate it" i say shaking my head

"if you want my advice I'd say write a song about it" he laughs which caused me to laugh

"nah for real i would say leave all the dickheads alone.. if this is causing all this stress for you take a break from all of it. then maybe come back and see if anything is still there" he says

"why didn't i meet you first" i joke making me and him laugh at the same time

for almost an hour brandon and i bonded over his music. i realized he would be an amazing friend.


kaylaniraee: kinda into this music thing🤫 thank u @brandon_arreaga !comments are disabled for this post

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kaylaniraee: kinda into this music thing🤫 thank u @brandon_arreaga !
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thank you so much for all the love w this book i really thought it would flop. and i know im the worst at updating but just know i will eventually get better !!

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