Too Friendly Pt. 2 (37)

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(Dinah pictured above)

I groaned as I felt the sun piercing through my bedroom window. I slightly opened my eyes and looked at my phone reading about 10 in the morning and I'm so drained right now. I threw my phone back down and rolled out of bed. I looked down at myself and was pretty surprised to see that I managed to get out of my clothes and just sleep in my bra and boxers. I could barely remember much of anything last night. I walked towards my bathroom and did my morning routine until I heard pots in my kitchen rumbling together and my washer making the most noise. I'm not really scared of who might be in my place so I headed to the kitchen to see what the hell was going on.

"Good morning", I heard a soft voice say.

"Lani?", I asked confused.

"You hungry?", she asked.

I watched her place a plate of food on the table and go to the sink to washed the dishes. She had on my T-shirt and what looked like my shorts leaving me confused as hell.

"You're wearing my clothes?"

"Well you got alcohol on both our clothes last night so my dress is in the wash"

"You slept here last night?", I asked.

"I had to because insisted that you drop me home in the morning", she chuckled.

"I did?", I asked confused.

"Yes Y/N now eat your food quickly so I can go home please"

I did as she asked and scarfed down my food quickly. I didn't know what to make of this situation but I'm pretty sure that we didn't have sex. At least I don't think that we did.

"You must've been hungry haha"

"Uh Lani I'm kind of confused right now", I said bluntly.

"About what?"

"Did you and I? You know?"

"Did you and I what?", she repeated.

"Did you and I have have sex last night?", I asked quickly.

Lani looked at me and burst out laughing. I don't know what she found so funny but I was deadass serious. I literally don't remember anything after Jessie and I went to the club.

"What's so funny?", I said with a straight face.

"Y/N if you and I had sex trust me you wouldn't forget that shit", she chuckled. "You're really cute and all but I refuse to be the reason that you and your wife get a divorce but if you were single maybe"

"Really? Whew", I said letting out a deep breath.

"Besides if I wanted to sleep with you I would've already. I wouldn't have waited until you were out of it"

"Right. Thank you", I said with relief in my voice.

"Of course", she said smiling. "Now can you drop me home because I have to work in about an hour"

"No problem"

I smiled as I walked to my bedroom to get my keys and phone. To say the least I was really thankful that we didn't have sex. Of all the stupid things I've done I can at least say that Lani is a really good person. We walked out and headed to her place which was like 15 minutes away. The ride to Lani's was pretty chill but I'm honestly still overjoyed that nothing happened between us. After I dropped Lani off, I headed back to my place to take a shower and change into something more comfortable. When I walked into my place, I felt my phone buzz in my pocket a few times. I quickly picked it up and smiled hearing my wife's voice on the phone.

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