You Did What? Pt. 1 (30)

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(Lani pictured above)

"Merry Christmas Mama! Mommy!", Jax and Jaid said continuously pulling both Dinah and I's feet.

"Merry Christmas", Dinah and I both said barely awake.

I could only assume that they're only waking us up so that we can watch them open their gifts. I playfully rolled my eyes at their excitement because I remember being this excited at that age and my parents being annoyed with my siblings and I.

"Boys just give me 5 more minutes please", Dinah groaned in her sleep.

"Please mommy. We want to open them now", they said referring to Dinah.

"How about you two go and ask Pops to make you some hot chocolate?", I interjected.

"Doesn't he need help getting on the roller thing", Jaid asked.

"You mean the wheelchair baby?", Dinah said chuckling finally awake.

"Oh yeah", Jaid laughed.

"No he can get on it by himself", I responded to his question.

Jax and Jaid smiled and quickly ran out of our bedroom closing the door behind them. I looked over at Dinah who was staring at me but quickly turned her head when I noticed. I rolled closer to her side of the bed and began kissing her on her neck gaining a slight moan. I left a very noticeable hickey causing her to hiss while I smiled.

"What do you think you're doing?", she asked as I began kissing lower.

I didn't respond instead and I reached to my already hard member and started kissing near Dinah's underwear.

"Y/N stop", she chuckled.

I continued to ignore her requests for me to stop and attempted to pull her underwear down with one hand while pulling my boxers down with the other. I quickly got my boxers off but Dinah started to shift and quickly pushed me off of her and sat up in the bed.

"What's your problem?", I asked.

"I told you to stop that shit. Did you not hear me?", she asked annoyed getting out of bed.

"I didn't think that you were serious. I'm sorry", I said pulling up my boxers.

"Well you'd think when I say stop. You stop" , Dinah said as she walked into our bathroom.

I quickly followed her into our bathroom as she began to brush her teeth. I did the same and looked over to find my phone lying on the counter. It's dead but I'm definitely happy that I found it. Dinah looked at me angrily in the mirror while rinsing her mouth.

"Are you good?", I asked between brushes.

She didn't respond instead she just left the bathroom not saying a word. I don't know what her problem is but I decided to just leave it alone for now because I'd rather not argue on Christmas. After I finished brushing my teeth, I plugged in my phone and went downstairs to where I figured everyone was.

"Well good morning and Merry Christmas!", my dad smiled sipping on his hot cocoa.

"Merry Christmas pops", I smiled.

Jax and Jaid were already opening their presents and as usual they were really excited. They both got new Nintendo's, sneakers and a few toys. Thankfully, they both seemed really happy and content with their gifts. Dinah and I never exchange our big gifts until everyone comes over but we do always exchange just one gift before the party.

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