Pops (26)

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(Christian a.k.a Pops pictured above)

Later that night...
After what felt like days, Chris and I took the first flight out to Texas and got there after about 4 hours on the plane. Dinah stayed home with the boys and unfortunately Keri got stuck at work while I flight was leaving. Chris and I checked into a hotel and after we immediately went to the hospital. Chris and I took a taxi without saying a word to each other. We aren't really talking but the tension between is the last thing on my mind. I paid the taxi driver making sure to leave him a nice tip and Chris and I walked straight towards the first  nurse that we saw inside.

"Hi goodnight um is there a Christian Y/L/N here? He should've been brought in today.", I said to this nurse who was sitting at the front desk.

She looked at me as she was chewing on her gum and looked back down grabbing the hospital files. I looked over at Chris who looked back at me as well obviously annoyed by how long this lady was taking. She skimmed through the names and quickly looked up at us both.

"Who are you two to Mr. Y/L/N?", she asked.

"He's our father", Chris said.

"Okay well Mr. Y/L/N is in room 2-135 but you  two need to sign in first"

The nurse looked down and grabbed a pen and handed one to me. I quickly signed and gave the pen to Chris who did the same. We walked to our father's room where two doctors were standing outside talking.

"Hi excuse me", Chris said interrupting. "My name is Chris and this is my sister Y/N we were told that this is our father's room"

"Hello I'm Dr. Grayson and this is Dr. Hill", they said introducing themselves.

"Nice to meet you but is this Christian Y/L/N's room?", I asked them.

"Yes it is you must be his kids, he's been talking about you since he got here", both doctors chuckled.

"You mean our father isn't in a coma?", I asked them.

"No, I'm so sorry about that. Our intern got the names mixed up on the phone. The drunk man who hit your father is in a coma"

"What the hell man?!", Chris yelled.

"I know I apologize it's a major misunderstanding but your father did sustain a lot of injuries in the accident."

"Really? Like what?", I asked.

"Well first things first you can see you father", Dr. Grayson said opening up the door.

When we walked in, our dad was knocked out sleep with his legs all casted up and a taping on his head. Chris grabbed his left hand and I grabbed his right and turned my focus over to the doctor.

"So what happened?", I asked.

"Well your father broke both of his legs and suffered from a minor concussion. He should be fine but he's going to need a lot of bed rest and a wheelchair. He's knocked out on the anesthesia right now so he probably won't wake up until tomorrow morning or the afternoon"

I sighed and looked down at my dad. He looked like he was in so much pain and it really hurt my feelings to see him like this. I grabbed his hand and kissed it as I sat down in the chair next to him.

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