Strip Clubs & Old Dancers (7)

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(Lani pictured above)

"So where the hell you taking me?", I asked as we drove down the street.

"You'll see", Jason said smirking.

10 minutes went by and we finally pulled up to a building. It was the strip club. I looked over at Jason and rolled my eyes at him. He stopped me before I could say anything.

"No before you say anything you're gonna enjoy tonight. I'm sure you haven't been to a strip club since I left"

"I haven't I actually planned to keep it that way"

"Yeah yeah but I don't know where you think you're going with that wedding ring on?", he said pulling it off I my finger and resting it in the cup holder.

"Whatcha doing?!"

"Y/N shut up and let's go please. Thanks this is for you"

I mentally rolled my eyes at him and hopped out of the car. When we walked inside we were greeted by dancers and bouncers who knew us. You can say we used to be regulars at the strip club. It was kind of a "hobby" to always celebrate at the strip club when we got a really good deal at work. I followed behind him at we sat at the bar.

"Hey you two!", a girl said from behind us.

When I turned around, I saw one of my favorite strippers, Lani. She looked really beautiful to say the least.

"Hey Lani!", Jason and I said as I got up and gave her a hug.

She hugged me back and Jason did the same. She took a seat in the seat next to us and began to talk to us.

"You working tonight", I asked Lani.

"No I quit a few months ago when I got this modeling contracts but my friends are currently getting lap dances", she replied.

"Let me guess you're not a fan anymore?", I asked.

"No not really. I'm just here looking for fresh meat"

"Haha interesting", I laughed.

"When did you get back to LA?", she asked Jason.

"Today actually. I thought that I'd take my best friend out for drinks", he replied.

"That's nice of you but out of all places you choose the strip club?", she questioned him.

"Exactly what I said", I chuckled.

"It doesn't matter we're here to have fun. Anyways I'm gonna get a lap dance while you two stay here and be boring"

"Bye", Lani and I replied in sync.

When he walked off, some girl immediately grabbed him for a lap dance and of course Jason accepted. Lani and I sat in awkward silence besides the music playing in the background.

"So um—", we said simultaneously.

We both chuckled but continued.

"Um you go first", Lani said smiling at me.

"I was gonna ask if you wanted a drink?"

"Sure a shot of tequila would be nice"

"Alright I gotchu"

I hailed to the bartender and told him to get us 3 shots of tequila each. When he brought it back, Lani and I downed every single glass on the table. My mouth burned from the taste of the liquor but that was okay.

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