Petty Fights (3)

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(Lauren, Ally, Normani & Dinah pictured above)


"Jax and Jaid are asleep", I said walking into our bedroom.

"That's good"

It usually takes the boys longer to fall asleep on a Friday night but after we came home from the barbecue they went straight to bed.

I threw off my clothes from earlier leaving me in my sports bra and boxers. I then laid down in bed with my back facing Dinah. I was still upset from earlier and I just wanted to rest without being bothered for tonight.

"Why are you laying all the way over there?", Dinah asked me.

"What do you mean?", I asked with my back still turned to her.

"You usually cuddle with me but now you're sitting at the edge of the bed with your back facing me. What's up with that?"

"Nothing I'm just tired Dinah so I'd like to be left alone"

"You always do this shit!", she yelled.

"Hey keep your voice down and what are talking about?!", I whisper yelled back.

"Every time we go to the barbecue with family you do this when we get home."

"Well anytime I'm within 10 feet of your dad he ruins my night"

"Y/N shut the fuck up", Dinah said annoyed.

I finally turned around to face her when she said that. She had her hand stroking through her hair while looking directly at me.

"Excuse me?"

"I said shut up. You're always complaining about my dad so shut up for once"

"You asked what's up with me and I answered so don't tell me to fucking shut up Dinah!", I yelled at her.

"I just did"

"Don't start with me tonight, I'm really not in the mood for the bullshit!", I yelled again.

"You're not in the mood for bullshit when you're the one who always has an issue so shut the fuck up", Dinah yelled at me.

I ignored her and kept my mouth shut because if I continued to argue with Dinah I knew I wouldn't say something nice. I laid back down in bed with my back facing her again.

"So you're going to bed?", Dinah asked me.

"You just told me to shut up right? So that's exactly what I'm doing. I'm keeping my mouth shut before I say something I might regret in the morning", I responded rolling my eyes.

"Y/N—", she said before I cut her off again.

"You know what, I'm going to sleep in the guest room don't bother following me"

I got up from bed slamming our bedroom door behind us. I was turning literally red in the face. We used to get in petty fights like this all the time so I'm pretty used to it already.

Next morning...
Dinah POV
Okay, I know that I might have overreacted but sometimes Y/N irks my soul when she complains. Me being the person that I am, felt that it was only right to apologize because I did start the fight. I walked down the hallway upstairs to the guest room knocking before I walked in. Y/N wasn't inside she must've gone somewhere.

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