Family Tree (2)

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(Dinah and her family)

"It's about time that you hoes show up", Lauren said giving me a glare.

"Lauren watch your mouth in front of Jax and Jaid", Ally said sternly.

"Sorry baby"

I chuckled whenever Ally acted like Lauren's mom. Even though they're in a relationship together, Ally is sort of the boss.

"Heyy Ally", I said smiling.

"Heyyy Y/N, I've missed you so much", Ally said giving me a hug following a hug with Dinah.

I pulled the chair out for Dinah and I sat down next to her. We were seated across from the boys and there was one extra chair on the end.

"Did you guys invite someone else?", I asked.

"Yeah Mani, she should be here s—", Dinah said before being interrupted by Normani walking into the restaurant. Normani and Ally are my best friends and have been from since I could remember. They've always been by my side and I've known them from preschool days. We grew up together before my parents got a divorce. My mom moved to LA so I traveled from LA to Texas every year between my mom and my dad with my siblings. That's where I met Dinah. In Los Angeles.

"Sorry I'm late time caught up with me", Normani said taking the last seat on the end.

"You're good we were late too", I said reassuring her.

Everyone smiled when they looked at Normani because we all noticed that she looked a little rough. Her hair was a complete mess and she was sort of sweating. It seemed as if she just had sex and of course I had to say something.

"Normani where did you just come from?", I ask cheekily.

"Um home", she stuttered a bit adjusting her clothes.

"Really? So how did time catch up with you?", I asked.

"You know I was writing some lyrics for one of our songs"

"Mhm... you were with Camila weren't you?"

Everyone looked at her and waited for her response knowing that she would probably lie about it.

"Camila? I don't know what you're talking about Y/N and you all can stop looking at me like that. Me and Camila broke up when she left the group okay", Normani slightly yelled rolling her eyes at us.

"It's actually Camila and I but whatever you say", Lauren said correcting her.

"Oh shut up Lauren"

"I'm just saying puta"

We all laughed at the infamous grammar queen that is, Lauren Jauregui. That's something she's been doing ever since I've known her. A dark-skinned waitress walked towards our table to take our order. I recognized her face because I do come to this restaurant a lot for business dinners and meetings.

"Hi my name is Solańa and I'll be your waitress this afternoon. Is everyone ready to order or do you just want your drinks first?", she asked not looking up as yet.

"We're ready to order", Ally said smiling.

Everyone ordered their food including the boys. I looked over the menu one more time and decided that I would just get what I usually ordered.

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