Fibs (5)

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(Dinah pictured above)

"Mmm", Dinah moaned as I kissed her.

I made sure put the kids to bed for the rest of the night or at least until Dinah and I finished. I carried Dinah upstairs and locked our bedroom door behind us and we continued our heater make out session. I was getting hard really fast and it earned a chuckle from Dinah.

"What's so funny?", I asked her knowing what she was laughing at.

"Nothing lol", she said kicking off her shoes.

I pulled her shirt over head and threw it to the ground followed by her jeans. I kicked off my shoes and did the same with my shirt and jeans but continued to kiss every inch of Dinah's body.

Dinah pulled away and laid on the bed looking straight at me. She looked so damn beautiful. She un strapped her bra and slowly slid her panties down her thighs throwing them on the floor. I undressed myself fully as well and reached over into the dresser and grabbed a condom placing it over my shaft.

I climbed onto the bed and laid on top of Dinah kissing her neck leaving marks everywhere. I put my fingers by her pussy and felt her wetness and damn was she soaking. I bent down one more time and kissed Dinah as I slowly slid into her.

Dinah let out a loud moan and I quickly covered her mouth with my hand and reminded her that we have two very smart boys downstairs.

"Oh fuck I missed this", Dinah said moaning pulling me in for a kiss once more.

"Me too now shut up and enjoy it", I said kissing her back.

Dinah threw me over so that she could get on top and then she began riding me. Damn did that feel good.

"Fuck", I said moaning loudly.

Dinah continued to grind up and down on my hard shaft leaving me breathless. She put my hands on her hips as she went up and down. Dammit did she feel good.

"Keep going I'm close", Dinah moaned really loudly.

I did as told and kept going faster and faster. I could feel Dinah's walls tighten up around me. She began doing that cute little face she did whenever she came undone. Her hips bucked and I could feel her wetness streaming down my shaft.

I flipped Dinah over and she pulled me in to kiss me again. The kiss was heated and hungry and I was getting closer and closer every time she kissed me.

I thrusted into Dinah deeper causing her to scream. I kept going in and out faster and faster.

"I'm fucking close", I moaned

Dinah pulled me into the croak of her neck.

"Come baby", Dinah said still moaning.

After a few more strokes I did as told. I pulled myself out of Dinah and laid back onto the bed. I pulled the condom off of my shaft and threw it in the trash near our bed. We laid in silence for a few moments then Dinah began to laugh.

"What's so funny?", I asked her.

"Jax and Jaid didn't disturb us. That's a first", she said smiling.

"Haha you're right"

Dinah's phone began to go off and she reached over to the nightstand while letting out a huge groan. She put it on speaker phone and placed it between me and her.

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