Sex and Skinny Dipping (20)

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Dinah POV
I successfully put the boys to bed and lit some candles all over our bathroom and bedroom. I peeped out the window to see Y/N pulling into our driveway. I already filled the bathtub up with water so I threw off my clothes and dipped into the tub while I waited for her to get upstairs.

"Baby", I heard her slightly yell from the bedroom.

"In here!"

She walked into the bathroom with a smirk on her face and greeted me with a kiss on the lips.

"Can I join you?", she asked seductively as she took off her shirt and bra.

"No", I said blatantly.

Y/N looked at me blankly not expecting my response but she still looked so sexy. Her eyes never left my body and that just turned me on even more. She scratched her head and spoke again.

"Excuse me?", Y/N asked totally confused.

"Well I figured that you could give me a massage while I took a bath. My back has been a little tense lately and I could really use some strong arms"

"Dinah", she said chuckling at me.

I gave her a shy look and took my hands out the water and forcefully grabbed her dick. I knew that Y/N liked it when I took control like that. I felt her shift when I removed my hands from her pants and rested them back into the bath water.

"Please daddy? I'll do anything you desire", I said seductively.

"Okay", Y/N said lost for words.

I smirked and Y/N quickly ran over to our cupboard and grabbed the first oil that she could find. She sprinted back to me and sat on the tub walls and put a large amount of oil on my back and on her hand. Her hands moved onto my back and she rubbed as gently as I thought she would've. I moaned slightly at her touch and started to get really aroused as she rubbed harder.

"How does it feel?", she asked me.

"Feels fucking amazing", I said honestly.

An idea came to mind as Y/N continued to caress my back. I smirked and pulled away from Y/N quickly. I turned around to face her and pulled her in for a kiss. My hands traveled down to her pants and felt how hard she was already.

"Take these off", I said referring to her pants and boxers.

"Okay", she said kissing me once more.

I wiped the side of my mouth as Y/N flung her pants and boxers to the side like I asked. I admired her body for a few seconds and smiled. I stood up out of the tub and walked straight into our bedroom knowing Y/N would follow behind me. I slowly laid down on the bed and watched as she got tense watching me.

"You like what you see?", I asked smiling.

Before she could respond, her phone rang on the bed next to me. We both looked at the caller ID to see that it was Chris calling. Thankfully, Y/N didn't answer. Instead, she turned off her phone and threw it to the side.

"Anyway like I said you like what you see?"

"Turn over", she said totally ignoring my question.

I did as she asked of me because for a second there it seemed like her whole demeanor changed. It was like she was focused on something else and she looked really upset. Y/N climbed on top of the bed and arched my back as she centers my body to her sex. I gasped when she slid her tongue between my lips getting me wetter than before. She pulled herself back up and arched my a little more before she unexpectedly slammed herself into me.

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