Coffee Break (21)

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(Lani pictured above)

A bright light shined into our bedroom waking me up out of my sleep. I looked over at the clock seeing that it was only 6 in the morning. I rolled my eyes considering the fact that I had one more hour before I had to wake up for work in the morning. Touching the spot in the bed beside me, I realized that it was Dinah in the bathroom. I rolled myself out of bed and walked in to check on her. She was sitting by the toilet with her head in hands. She looked exhausted.

"Hey you okay?", I asked scaring her a bit.

"Oh I'm sorry did I wake you?", she asked me.

"Yeah but it's okay", I said honestly. "Are you alright?"

"Just a little morning sickness"

I didn't need to ask Dinah that question to know that she had just been throwing up. I can see the expression in her face and I remember it when she was pregnant with the twins.

"Did you take your prenatal vitamins?", I asked.

"We haven't been to the doctor as yet"

"Oh yeah. Well we can go tomorrow...well today on my lunch break", I said kneeling down on the floor to get to her level.

"That's sounds like a plan"

"Good. You want me to get you anything to eat or drink from downstairs?", I asked hoping she'd say no.

"A ginger ale and a grilled cheese sandwich!", she said quickly.

"Coming right up"

I blew Dinah a kiss not wanting to get any of her vomit on me. I got up off of the floor and quietly walked downstairs I the kitchen not wanting to wake Jax and Jaid up. I grabbed the bread and pan out of the pantry and the cheese, butter and ginger ale out of the fridge. I quickly whipped up her sandwich watching as the time on the stove top when by rapidly. I rested her food onto a tray and quietly walked back upstairs to her. When I walked in, Dinah was now back in our bed sitting up in bed.

"Here you go my lady", I said resting the tray on her lap.

"Thank you baby", she smiled at me. "Give me a kiss", she said poking out her lips.

"Um I'm sorry but ew no thanks", I said honestly.

"Whyyy?", she whined.

"You just vomited. Did you brush your teeth again?"

"Of course I did. Now come here", she said poking out her lips once more.

I bent down and gave Dinah a kiss before I hopped on my side of the bed and pulled the sheet over me. Not what even felt like 10 seconds went by and my alarm went off. I groaned loudly at the noise and quickly hit the off button. Dinah sprung up out of bed followed by me. We both walked into the bathroom and brushed our teeth together. I looked down admiring Dinah's naked body.

"Yes?", she asked when she saw me staring.

"Just admiring the beauty", I said honestly.

I stepped closer to Dinah pulling her in for a long kiss. I could feel her lips smirking against mine. I gently picked her up and rested her on the bathroom counter and kissed her once more.

"You know I've been thinking", I said pulling away.

"About?", she said pulling me back in for a long kiss.

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