Difficult Conversations (34)

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(Jax and Jaid pictured above)

Dinah POV
"Mommy I'm done with my food!", I heard Jax yell from behind me.

I swear that's all I've been hearing this morning are my kids yelling. I'm not really used to that. It's my first morning by myself and it honestly feels so weird. I haven't had a moment to myself and the boys are all over the place. Usually Y/N's around to help me out before she goes to work but I guess I have to get accustomed. Luckily though, after I drop the boys to school I have the entire day to myself so I'm probably going to hang out with Lauren for a bit. I looked at the time on the stove and quickly finished packing their lunch for school so that they wouldn't be late.

"Boys let's go!", I yelled.

They came running behind me to the garage with their school bag in their hands. We hopped in my Range Rover and pulled off in enough time to have 5 minutes left to spare before their school started.

"Mommy?", I heard Jaid say.


"Did momma hurt your feelings?", he asked me.

"No baby of course not. Why would you ask that?", I asked worriedly.

I honestly don't know where that came from. Out of the twins, Jaid isn't the one to normally ask questions. He's usually the quiet one who keeps to himself like Y/N.

"Because one of my friends told me that if your parents break up, someone hurt someone's feelings", he spoke up.

"We're not broken up baby"

"So why doesn't momma live with us anymore?", Jax asked joining the conversation.

"Because honey", I said not knowing what to say.

"Does she hate us?", Jax asked.

"No of course not honey. I promise you that. It's just that when two adults are together for a really long time, they sometimes need a break from each other.", I said honestly. "Your momma loves you and you should know that babies but for right now your momma and I are going to share you two while we figure things out. You're gonna see her tomorrow after school. This has nothing to do with you guys and I promise you that okay?"

"Okay", they said simultaneously.

The ride to school was pretty awkward. I tried making them laugh just to keep their spirits up but I know that they're still young and confused. As I pulled up to their school, I helped them out of the car and held both of their hands as I dropped them off to their class. They definitely seemed happier when they were surrounded by their classmates so that made me feel good. On my way back to my car, I felt my phone ring in my pocket. I haven't really gotten a chance to look at it since last night.

"Hello?", I said through the phone.

"Hey DJ", I heard Y/N's voice.

"Oh hey"

"Whats up? You didn't respond to message last night"

"I'm sorry this is my first time being on my phone since yesterday", I said honestly. "What did you want?", I asked.

"Nothing I was just checking up on you"

"Thanks but you don't need to"

"I wanted to though"

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