New Year, Same Bitch (33)

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(Y/N's condo pictured above)

1 week later.....
My dad went back to Texas a few days ago and ever since it's been quiet. I haven't told anybody about what Dinah and I are going through as yet because we both want to wait until I'm out of the house and today is that day. I don't think that I've actually processed the entire situation as yet but the day my dad left I bought a condo and I've been packing my important stuff since. The place is between work and my actually house so that I wouldn't have to travel long distances every time just to get to see my kids and go to work.

"You don't think you're gonna need this?", Dinah asked referring to my sale books.

"Oh yeah. Thanks", I said grabbing them from her.

I carried the last bit of my important things downstairs and put them in my car. The boys were at school so I felt like this was the perfect time to do all of this. They already know that I'm moving out but Dinah and I made up a lie about her pregnancy. I walked back inside of the house and grabbed a small box out of pocket handing it to Dinah.

"What's this?", she asked me.

"Your other Christmas gift that I didn't get to give you", I smiled.

"Y/N you really don't have to give me this"

"I want to and plus I already bought it so open it"

Dinah grinned and opened the box smiling at what she saw.

"Babe", she said smiling.

I smiled when I heard her say 'babe'. She hasn't call me that in awhile so it's refreshing hearing her say it.

"It's outside. Cmon", I said pulling her hand so that she would come outside.

 Cmon", I said pulling her hand so that she would come outside

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I chuckled when Dinah jumped in excitement at the car. She quickly pulled me in for a hug with this big smile on her face.

"Thank you so much Y/N. I love it", she smiled pulling away.

"You're welcome", I asked smiling. "I know how much you wanted it"

I laughed and gave Dinah a kiss on the cheek instead. I know it doesn't hurt to give her a kiss on the lips but I know that she would move her face. But dammit I wanted to kiss her lips so bad. I slowly bent down to kiss Dinah's stomach and stood back up. She's gotten big so damn fast and I hate that I'm gonna miss this important stuff.

"So the boys come over which day?", I asked her.

"You get them on Friday night and drop them to school on Tuesday morning. So I'll pick them up Tuesday afternoon and we'll keep rotate"

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