Make Up To Break Up (44)

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(Dinah pictured above)

Current day...
"Bruh are you really telling me you wouldn't hit?", Chris asked.

"No Chris I wouldn't", I chuckled.

Chris and I sat were at work debating for hours about celebrity women we would sleep with. I swear we still haven't really gotten anything done for the day. I really just want to leave because tonight I get to take Dinah out to dinner. The past few days have been pretty awkward between us but I guess she's still sort of pissed about Lani and I and I completely understand that.

"So what are you doing tonight?", I asked Chris.

"Not sure actually. I was going to do something with but she broke up with me so who knows"

"Well who's fault is that?", I chuckled.

"Whatever", he said with a straight face. "What about you? Got something special planned?"

"I'm gonna take Dinah to a basketball game and I'm not sure what we're going to do after"

"You can fuck?", Chris said quickly.

"I wish but Chris she just had the baby and besides she has me on lockdown"

"Oh so what then?"

"I don't know except that my shortie is going to be well taken care of I guess"

"Alright sis I hear you"

Eventually, Chris left my office and I finished up with my work. Time went by pretty quickly and before I knew it 6 pm came. I grabbed my things and headed out of the office and straight to my place to change into my clothes for tonight. My phone buzzed on my bed and immediately smiled at the texts on my screen.

[Dinah]: hey hurry up

[Dinah]: can't wait any longer

[Dinah]: I miss you 😢

[Y/N]: I miss you too

I chuckled and grabbed my keys and headed out of the door. I stopped to pick up the flowers that I ordered Dinah and sped to the house. When I walked in, the house was pretty quiet and dark. I put keys down and called out Dinah's name but there was no response. I slowly walked upstairs to see Dinah dancing to the music playing on her phone while she did her makeup in the mirror. She looks so beautiful, I couldn't take my eyes off her. She damn sure doesn't look like she just had a baby.

"Hey", I said causing her to jump.

"Shit. You scared me babe"

"I'm sorry", I chuckled. "Happy Valentine's Day", I said handing her the flowers.

"Aww thank you baby", she said pulling me into a kiss.

To say the least, I'm completely surprised at how happy she's been lately. It's like every little thing that I do makes her smile. I'm not really complaining though because I am glad that she's happier.

"You ready to go?", I asked.

"Yeah I'm ready"

Before we left, Dinah grabbed a vase to put the flowers in and then we both left in her Mercedes. She handed the keys to me and I drove off to the Staples Center for our date night. The night was pretty awesome and chill. The game was really exciting too. Warriors won 102 - 99 against the Cavaliers and Dinah and I got to go back to locker room with the entire team. Turns out I have business with the coach that I didn't even know about so it was fun getting to go 'behind the scenes' of it all. I'm surprised we didn't get any calls from my mom about the kids but that's better for us I guess.

"That was a lot of fun babe. Thank you", Dinah said sliding her hand in mine.

"Yeah I had a lot of fun too DJ"

I opened the car door for Dinah and she smiled as she got into the car before I closed the door behind her. I went on the other side and sat in the car and then turned on the ignition. We just sat in the car quietly staring at each other until Dinah eventually spoke up out.

"I want you to move back in", she said quietly.

"What?", I chuckled.

"I miss you a lot. It's really quiet around the house and I just want you back already", she said staring at me.

Before I could respond, my phone began to buzz in my pocket. I quickly grabbed it and my heart began to sink when I saw the caller ID reading Lani. I didn't want to ruin the night but I knew that if I do answer it there's going to be a problem but if I don't answer it there's still going to be a problem. I watched as Dinah watched me put my phone back in my pocket and she gave me a daring look.

"Who was that?", she asked me.

"Um just Lani", I said honestly.

"Oh", she spoke up.

Oh? What does she mean by 'oh'? Usually she'd be cussing me out by now. I looked at Dinah who now had a nonchalant look on her face like what I just said didn't faze her at all.

"You okay?", I asked.

"I'm fine. Why?", she questioned.

"Just asking babe"

First she asked me to move in and now she isn't upset about me not picking up Lani's call. I frowned my face but decided to not question Dinah anymore. I refuse to get her angry tonight.

"So what makes you want me to move back in?", I questioned.

"I mean the other night you wanted to and the fact that you didn't go to club anymore makes me feel better about us you know?"

"Yeah I get it"

"So will you?", she asked again.

"I do. I really do but——"

"But what?", she questioned.

"Maybe this space is good for us you know?"

Dinah looked at me with a confused look on her face but I really do think that this is what we needed. I'm not going to lie, I do miss living at home but I do thinks little more space between us wouldn't hurt.


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