Unapologetic (15)

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(Jax and Jaid pictured above)

*later that day*
Dinah POV
I walked into Jax and Jaid's school to see what was going on. Apparently they got into a fight at lunch with some other kid over this girl. I got a text from Y/N telling me that she was on her way so I was led into the principals office by the secretary.

"Hi Mrs. Y/L/N, my name is Dr. Steward", she said smiling at me.

"You can call me Dinah"

"Okay Dinah nice to meet you. Is your wife joining us?", she asked.

"She should be here pretty soon but you can start without her"

"Alright have a seat"

I sat down scanning the room as I did so. Jax and Jaid were sitting in the corner with their heads down across from another boy. A lady who I assumed was the boys mom sat on the left of me.

"My name's Helen by the way. Dylan is my boy", the lady next to me said.

"I'm Dinah, the twins belong to me", I said making her nod her head with a smile.

Before the principal could talk, Y/N walked through the door with looking like she just ran up a flight of stairs.

"Sorry I'm late", I said sitting on the right of Dinah as I have her a kiss on the cheek making her smile a little.

"No you're fine. We were just about to start anyway"

"Good", I said taking off my blazer.

"Ok so let me start off by saying that all of you raised amazing boys and honestly I've grown very fond of them three but what happened in the cafeteria that day is unacceptable. Apparently Dylan was messing with this one girl and Jaid started to defend the girl which was sweet of him but the two boys starting fighting but I guess when Jax saw his brother starting to fight, he thought he should jump him but thankfully none of the boys got hurt"

I actually smiled on the inside at what she said. I didn't like the fact the boys got into a fight but I'm happy that they decided to defend that girl.

"So you're telling me Dylan started messing with some girl and now these to boys are in trouble. Dylan deserved to get whooped. He's lucky it wasn't me", the lady who I'm guessing was his mom said look over at her son.

"No Helen the teachers and myself have all came up with some form of disciplinary action for all of them", she said while I looked at the boys who had sad looks on their faces.

"And what's that?", we all said in unison.

"All three of them are suspended for 1 week and Dylan is also required to apologize to that girl", she said looking over at him.

We all nodded our heads and the principal dismissed us like we were in high school or something.

As we walked out Dinah said goodbye to the other mom as she grabbed her son by his shirt. Jax and Jaid followed behind us with their heads down thinking that they were in trouble. This is the only thing I hate. I'm supposed to be the disciplinary parent but that's not really my thing. I like a calm and chill environment when it comes to parenting.

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