Chaste (13)

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(Dinah pictured above)

I sat at my desk at home working on some last minute files I didn't get to finish today at work. I was too busy trying to help Chris with his relationship problems with Karrueche that I barely got to do any work today. After all my hard work, Karrueche still hasn't forgiven him so Chris is still sleeping at my place. He has the guest bedroom for another night and is managing to trash it already but hopefully he'll be leaving soon.

I continued looking through my work papers as I heard footsteps. Dinah walked up to my home office door and knocked. She knows I don't like to be disturbed when I'm doing work at home.

"Hey babe you busy?", she said poking her head in the door.

"Um yeah but you can still come in"

Dinah walked in and closed the door behind her. She sat in the chair in the front of me and gave me a smirk.

"What's up?", I asked signing checks for my employees.

"Chris and I just put the boys to bed after what seemed like two hours"

"You should get some rest. I bet you're really tired"

"No not really but I thought that maybe I can get you from your deck for a minute or two", she said smiling.

"Probably not you know I'm really busy. Why?"

"Because I'd make it worth your while"

Dinah got up out of her seat and pulled  my chair back and got down on her knees.
"Dinah what are you doing?"

"What does it look like?", she said unzipping my pants.

"C'mon stop", I said moving her hands. "I told you I'm working", I continued moving Dinah out of way.

Dinah stood up as I zipped my pants back up and brought my chair back to my desk. I continued doing what I was doing while Dinah sat back down in the chair in front of me.

"You always get like this whenever you get home from work"

The truth is I really don't want to have sex but I don't want to make Dinah upset. It's just that every time I think about sex I think about Dinah actually sleeping with G-Eazy.

"No I don't, I just think it's weird that you want to give me a blowjob and my brother is downstairs in our guest bedroom", I lied.

"Y/N I already checked. He went to bed and besides he's a grown ass man who cares if he hears us"

"Dinah we can do this tomorrow okay?", I lied again.

"You always say that. Y/N we haven't had sex since Chris proposed to Karrueche. That's weeks ago", she said.

"Dinah", I said rolling my eyes.

"Y/N I really don't want to be one of those couples that plan sex ahead of time"

"DJ please we can talk about this later"

"But want to talk about it now"

My phone started to ring and I looked at the caller ID and it read 'Sis'. I smiled and picked up the phone quickly because Keri is dodging this conversation between Dinah and I.

"Hey Keri", I said ignoring Dinah.

"Hey I'm at home right now doing some last minute paperwork and apparently we over paid a partner", she said.

"Yeah I saw it I already fixed it"

I could feel Dinah giving me a look but she got up and left mumbling curse words under her breath.

"Okay good. So where's Dinah?", she asked.

"Probably upstairs pissed at me by now"

"What did you do?", she asked.

"I keep delaying sex and we were kind of arguing just now and I ignored her and picked up the phone"

"Why did you do that?"

"Because I don't want to have sex and she keeps bothering the fuck outta me"

"You still shouldn't ignore your wife. What's this really about?", she asked.

I looked up and saw Chris walking in and sitting down in the front of me.

"I'll tell you later but I gotta go"

"Okay goodnight love you"

"Love you too", I said hanging up.

Chris stared at me with a smirk on his face.

"Who was that on the phone? Your side hoe?", he said smiling at me and putting his feet on my desk.

"First off get your dirty feet off of my desk and I was talking to our little sister idiot"

"Oh what did she want?", he asked putting his feet down.

"Something to do with overpaying a partner"

"I see"

"So what's up? I thought you were sleeping"

"I was for a few minutes but mom called me and woke me up"


"Apparently my older sister is having a baby and I didn't know", he said staring at me.

"Oh shit I forgot to tell you didn't I? I'm sorry", I said honestly.

"Yeah yeah you're good. Congratulations though I'm happy for you", he said smiling at me.

"Thanks man"

"So what's going on with you and Dinah? I saw her walking into your bedroom pretty pissed"

"I told her that I didn't want to have sex with her and she got pretty pissed off"

"Oh why won't you have sex with her?"

"I just don't want to", I lied. "And she always complains about how I work too hard and forget about her which I don't", I continued.

"You should talk to her about it then because you're gonna just add more fuel to the fire", he said getting up out of the chair.

"You're probably right"

"Anyway I'm going back to bed love you sis",he said putting his hand out for our handshake.

"Love you too", I said after finishing the handshake.

Chris walked out and I continued to finish the rest of my work so I could be fully prepared when I went to work tomorrow. When I finished, I closed me laptop and put up my papers and went to check on the boys before I went to bed. I peeped through the door and smiled to see that they were both asleep.

I walked towards my bedroom and looked inside to see Dinah sleeping. I thankfully smiled and laid down into the bed slowly and quietly. I put my phone on charge and fell fast asleep.

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