Insecure (18)

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A/N: I just graduated high school guys! So I'm probably going to be uploading more often.

(Lani pictured above)

I️t was early Saturday morning and I had absolutely nothing to do. Dinah was knocked out sleeping and I know that she probably doesn't even want to talk to me right now. I was actually feeling pretty guilty about what I said yesterday. Regardless, I figured since we obviously have to talk to each other at some point in time that I'd just try anyway.

"Dinah", I said nudging her.

"What?", she groaned at me.

"I'm gonna go make something for breakfast. You want me to make you something?"


"Because I figured you'd be hungry when you got up"

"Yeah right", she scoffed. "No thanks", she said pulling the sheets over her body.

"What's your problem?", I said pulling the sheets back off of her.

"Would you knock it off?", she said rolling her eyes at me.

"No because you won't tell me what's wrong with you", I said calmly.

"You know exactly what's wrong. You say and do these idiotic things that you know piss me off and when you know that you're wrong you don't know how to admit that", she said pulling the sheets back over her.

"Okay Dinah I'm hearing you but I won't apologize for something that I didn't do just to make you feel better. I didn't start up an argument last night. You did"

"All I did was tell you how I felt and you got offended"

"First of all you talked to me like I was a child telling me where I can and can't go", I said correcting her. "Secondly, you always accuse me of bullshit"

"No I don't", Dinah said sitting up in the bed.

"Yes you do"

"Whatever Y/N you made it very clear that you're a grown ass woman right. You don't need my permission to do anything anymore", she remarked.

"Good. Now do you want me to make you some breakfast?", I asked her.

"No. I'll make my own food"

"Fine I'll just make some for myself", I said agitated.

"Do as you please"

I rolled my eyes and grabbed my phone and walked out slamming the bedroom door behind me. I'm tired of Dinah always blaming everything on me in this relationship. It's like sometimes she forgets that it takes two to start up some shit. I walked into the kitchen and cooked some scrambled eggs, bacon and toast. I made sure to wash the dishes behind me because I didn't want to hear anything from Dinah when she came downstairs.

When I sat down at the table, my phone started to go off. I picked it up and was totally happy to see the caller ID. It was my dad.

"Hey pops"

"Hey sweetheart", he chuckled. "How are you?", he asked me.

"I'm good. How are you?"

"I'm hanging in there"

My dad and I have always had a really great relationship. Ever since I was kid, he was always there for me and my siblings. Even when him and my mom got a divorce and we moved, he still managed to travel to California all the time to check up on us and I thank him all the time for that.

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