Brotherly Advice (27)

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(Chris pictured above)

I twist and turned all night. Even though the doctor said he was okay, I still worried about pops. He's in Texas all by himself while his kids and ex wife are living good in California. I always feel terrible about that.

"You ready to go?", Chris asked distracting me from my gaze.

"Uh yeah"

We were going to get some lunch and last minute gifts for the family. We both figured since were still waiting on pops to get out tomorrow, we could go shopping. Chris and I got in the rental and headed to the mall. I haven't really bought my family gifts yet so today I expect to spend a lot of money.

"Uh so what you thinking about buying today?", Chris asked me as we pulled in to the mall parking lot.

"Something for Dinah, Dinah's parents, Keri, pops, mom and your dumb ass. I don't really know what to get Dinah though"

"Wow that's a lot of shit. Why don't you just have Shay do it for you?"

"She did the toys for the boys and Dinah's big ass family but I'm handling the personal shit"

"Ohh so Dinah hasn't been hinting at anything?"

"I know but she's been talking about some jewelry but I always get her jewelry"

"We'll get her some——", Chris spoke before he was cut off.

My phone rang in my lap and I looked at the caller ID seeing that it was Dinah. As Chris finally found a parking space, I answered the phone and grabbed my things.

"Hey babe", I said through the phone.

"Don't hey babe me. Why didn't you call me back last night?", Dinah asked.

"I sent you a text girl", I said honestly.

"No you didn't", Dinah responded.

"Hold on let me check"

I looked at Chris who signaled for us to get out of the car. I nodded my head and we both walked inside of the mall. I looked down at my phone and checked my messages. I didn't see my message to Dinah but I vividly remember sending it last night. I put my phone back to my ear and continued talking to Dinah.

"I really don't know what happened last night baby but my text didn't send. I'm sorry about that", I apologized.

"It's okay. I was just worried last night but I figured you fell asleep"

"How are you feeling?", I asked.

"Sick to my stomach and really nauseous. I don't think this pregnancy is going to be smooth"

"Maybe you should rest some more. When I come home I don't want you to be on your feet all day"

"Yeah okay babe", Dinah giggled.

"I'm going in footlocker really quick", Chris said.

"Alright I'll meet you in", I replied.

"Who's that?", Dinah asked.

"Um that's Chris. We're at the mall right now and I'm trying to get a few things before I come back to Cali"

"Oh okay well hurry and come back, I miss you", Dinah sighed. "These kids are driving me insane"

"Haha babe I miss you too and I'll be there I promise"

"Well Keri and I are still getting things for the Christmas party so can I call you later?", Dinah asked.

"Of course baby"

"Okay I love you"

"I love you too"

Dinah hung up the phone and I put my phone in my pocket. I walked into Footlocker where Chris was trying on a shoe while talking on the phone.

"Yeah bro she's right here", he said obviously referring to me.

"Who's that?", I whispered.

"Jason", he whispered back.

I took Chris's phone and put it on speaker. I don't really feel like putting it to my ear and surprisingly a lot of people were inside the store.

"Hey bro", I said through the phone.

"Hey can I call you tomorrow baby?", Jason said laughing through the phone.

"What?", I chuckled totally lost.

"Sound familiar?", he asked.

"No not at all"

"My girl told me you texted that to Lani last night. What's up with that?", he asked giggling.

"No I didn't"

"Yeah you did. I saw the screenshots idiot"

Chris looked and me and I quickly gave his phone back to him. I pulled out my phone and checked my text messages once again quickly scrolling down to Lani's chat.

[Y/N]: hey can I call you tomorrow baby?

[Y/N]: I'm pretty tired ☹️

[Lani]: um okay lol? Goodnight

"Bro I did not mean to text that to Lani", I said loudly.

"Wait let me see", Chris said pulling my phone towards him.

Chris eyes widened and he immediately busted out in laughter. Jason followed his lead and I quickly rolled my eyes.

"That's not fucking funny", I said annoyed.

"Yes it is. That's hilarious bruh", Chris laughed louder. "Jason imma call you back bro", Chris said before hanging up.

"Dude that shit is funny as hell"

I rolled my eyes because I did not find this funny at all. Chris got up and carried the shoes to the cashier with a big grin on his face. He pulled out cash and paid for his shoes. I was still worried and lost for words while Chris seemed so calm. What if Lani got the wrong idea?

"What the hell do I do now? What if she thinks that I like her or something?", I asked worriedly.

"Don't you like her anyway? Why does it matter?", Chris giggled.

"I should tell Dinah"

"No are you crazy? It was an honest mistake"

"So what should I do?"

"First I think we should go have some lunch and then tell Lani it was honest mistake and that text was meant for your wife. Just calm down sis"

"I'm calm", I said trying to be calm.

"Good now I think that they have Chick-fil-a in here. Let's get something to eat"

We walked to the cafeteria hall, got our food, sat down and ate. Chris and I talked and honestly it felt like I had my brother back for a few.

"You like this girl don't you Y/N? And don't lie to me", Chris said after stuffing his face.

"Why do you keep asking me?", I said annoyed.

"Because you keep answering my questions with another question"

"I don't know", I said honestly.

"You know it's okay to have a crush on someone else. You and Dinah have been together for over a decade and I'm sure you're not the only person she's had a crush on"

Maybe Chris is right but it's beginning to feel like this "crush" on Lani isn't just a crush and I'm scared of that. I don't want to hurt anyone and I especially don't want to hurt my family so I'd rather keep what I'm thinking on the inside. Sometimes crushes can be dangerous.


A/N: Merry Christmas Everyone ❤️

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